TNF33 — Congratulations to Tuga810_ and Nicolas99fc!

Congratulations to this week's Futhead Tuesday Night Football winners Diogo ‘tuga810_ Pombo and Nicolas ‘Nicolas99fc’ Villalba! Congratulations also to our four lucky giveaway winners, who walked away with a FUT20 player of their choice. Thank you to everyone who watched this week's record-breaking edition of TNF, which peaked at over 15,000 viewers!

Portuguese national team and TSWarrior player Pombo took the $2000 prize in the European tournament, claiming his first TNF title. In this fortnight’s South American tournament, Villalba, who plays for FC Basel 1893, won his third title in as many appearances — and in as many editions of the tournament. His record will be hard to break. 

The European final saw Pombo up against the UK’s Tom ‘Hashtag Tom’ Leese, who was making his second appearance in a grand final and claimed his second $500 runner-up prize. The game ended with a 3-2 scoreline, with a Leese shot in the 86th minute (that could have seen the game go into Golden Goal!) hitting the post — creating plenty of tension at the end of an extremely close game. 

In the South American final, Villalba faced Henrique ‘Zezinho’ Lempke. Lempke’s first TNF final game ended in disappointment and a 3-2 aggregate win for Villalba. Villalba’s decisive goal came at the beginning of the 54th minute with a series of tidy passes and a decisive finish from Prime Icon Moment Ruud Gullit. Despite a strong fight, Lempke couldn’t top Villalba’s performance and ended the competition as the runner-up. 

Thank you to all our competitors, the whole Tuesday Night Football team and everyone who tuned in!

Next week — can Pombo secure another tournament win to top his first? Find out at 8pm UK next Tuesday on Futhead's Twitch. Plus, as the South American TNF tournament has its rest week, the North American tournament takes its place in the Tuesday Night Football lineup - catch that at 8pm EST in the same place.

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