FIFA 20 eMLS League Series 2: Everything you need to know

After a successful League Series One, eMLS is set to take Portland (a.k.a Soccer City U.S.A) by storm. Ever since the City of Roses was granted a Major League Soccer team in 2009, Portland residents have been notorious for their futbol fervor. That attitude, coupled with the progressive nature of the city, should create an ideal environment for this weekend’s (February 14 & 15) eMLS League Series Two events.

For a brief recap of what’s at stake, 25 competitors will be battling it out to secure a top 12 spot in order to compete in the eMLS Cup finale which will take place next month in Austin, Texas. On top of that, the winner of this League Series Two will also take home a cool $7,500. However, if you are completely new to the eMLS format, you can check out our previous article which features an in-depth break down of the competition, just follow the link here.

Current eMLS Standings

Although the power rankings shifted slightly, Philadelphia's League Series One saw the eMLS favorites solidify their spots in the top 12. That being said, there are still plenty of points available for some sleepers to shake things up.

We know the graphic above only captures competitors in playoffs spots. You can check out the full standings here.

3 eMLS Storylines to Follow

1. Can the Wild Thornberry defend his title?

FC Cincinnati's Fiddle finally secured an elusive eMLS trophy in Philadelphia. With his momentum from League Series One, the FCC pro (and four-time Futhead Tuesday Night Football champ) will definitely be a favorite heading into the weekend. Remember, last year fellow TNF title holder Doolsta accomplished a clean sweep of the eMLS titles so it wouldn’t be unprecedented for a challenger to go back-to-back.

2. Which sleeper can crack the Top 12?

We have to start with the hometown hero, RCTID Thiago. Edgar has been on the cusp of knockouts rounds in the past three tournamenets and with home field advantage he might just get that little boost he needs to make waves.

DC United’s new boy (and friend of the site) KingCJ10 currently sits in 13th place, and the eMLS rookie gained valuable experience in Philly. With a solid position, definitely within striking distance, the King could very well use Portland to get one step closer to that eMLS crown.

Speaking of eMLS crowns, the inaugural eMLS champ, Kid M3mito, finds himself in 17th place (6 points off the 11th spot). The Houston Dynamo player hasn’t been able to return to the summit, but one shouldn’t sleep on this seasoned veteran.

3. How will the eMLS pros utilize the latest promos?

One of the best features of the eMLS is its unique squad building requirements. Competitors are limited to only two Icons and must include a set number of MLS players, which in turn leads to no two eMLS squads looking alike.

With that in mind, since January EA have released promos like Headliners (Batch One & Batch Two) and Future Stars (Batch One & Batch Two) who introduced numerous high-profile, and some would say “overpowered”, FUT items. These new options could very well provide that competitive edge to help a favorite secure their playoff spot, or allow a sleeper to bounce an incumbent.

How To Watch eMLS League Series Two?

A friendly reminder that eMLS competitions are open to the public! If you find yourself in Portland this weekend and want to catch all the action in-person click the link here to register.

If you can’t make it in person don’t worry, Saturday’s main event will be live-streamed starting at 6.p.m. ET/11 p.m. GMT on MLS's Twitch and Twitter, as well as on Lastly, make sure to follow @eMLS on twitter to stay up to date with all the eMLS news.

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