Season Objectives amongst new features in FUT 20

There's a ton to digest in a brand spanking new FUT 20 reveal and accompanying Pitch Notes article.

While we'll leave the heavy lifting to our friends at EA -- and definitely give all of both a read; trust us -- there's plenty of quality of life improvements coming to FIFA 20's most popular mode, Ultimate Team, that should have ardent and casuals a like chomping at the bit.

The lead new feature, requested by fans and influencers as even in the most content heavy season in FUT history sometimes left us wanting more, will be Season Objectives. Think Fortnite/Apex Legends/etc's seasons, minus the Battle Pass. Starting 19 September for EA Access, you'll be able to begin grinding season-long objectives that'll run all the way to the end of October. To make the grind worth your time, you'll be able to unlock "a diverse mix of rewards" including but not limited to packs, players, (brand new) club customization content or other items to help upgrade your club.

The biggest new gameplay feature is a new contract-free (!) Friendly mode. Whether against your friends offline (or online) or against random opponents online, you'll be able to play FUT but with the new House Rules minigame modes popular in kickoff mode in FIFA 19. There's four new sub-modes including "Max Chemistry" (e.g. everyone's 10 Chem), "Swaps", where in which randomly three players from your squad will be swapped with your opponents' before kick, "Mystery Ball", where the ball can vary in worth from one to three goals and boosts different chemistry aspects randomly before and after each goal, and "King Of The Hill", a Battle Royal like mode that EA can explain a heck of a lot better than we can:

King of the Hill combines the power of dribbling in a control zone with a goal value meter making the focus of the game different than ever before. A control zone will spawn in the attacking zone which you will have to get the ball inside and then continue to control it as the space shrinks and your goal meter starts to fill. Balance your chances between retaining possession and pushing for a max goal value of 3, and then work your way up the pitch and try to score

Those looking for a fun, casual mode to play FUT sound like they've finally found it.

The new personality-driven team upgrades sounds like a fun enhanced way to show off your own creativity ranging from Tifos to "Stadium Themes". Dabbing Unicorn FC incoming.

So what from today's big FUT reveal are you most looking forward to?

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