Guide: How To Prepare For FIFA22 Gameplay!

Top 100 FIFA Player H00bear shares his top tips for preparing for FIFA22 on Futhead, catch more gameplay guides over on his YouTube Channel!

With FIFA 22 fast approaching, it’s time to start focusing on how to prepare. As a Top 200 Weekend League player in FIFA 21, I know as well as anyone that we tailor our FIFA skills to each year’s game. So, how can we prepare for FIFA 22 a month out from actually being able to play the game?

Read the Pitch Notes to refresh yourself on what the biggest changes to the game are. Every year there are powerful new features added to the game that many people disregard. We have seen pro players use player locks and directional runs, but many other players forget they even exist.

Stop relying on meta skills and tactics and focus on the basics. Improving your left stick dribbling and build up play will help you more in FIFA 22 than spamming directional nutmegs and through balls. Shift your focus from maximizing results in FIFA 21 to gaining transferable skills for FIFA 22.

Don’t worry about using gold players, but don’t rely on amazing players. There is a common misconception that you need to use gold players to prepare for the new game because those are the type players you will be using to start off with. However, player quality is relative - using base gold players against teams full of Summer Stars, FUTTIES, and Team of the Season players is not a realistic representation of the next game. However, ensure that the way you play isn’t reliant on top end players who can make any pass or score from any angle.

Take a break. FIFA burnout is real, and if you have been playing FIFA 21 for the last 10 months, it might do you good to take a break from the game for a month to recharge mentally. The start of every game cycle is arguably the most fun time of the year, and you won’t want to miss out because you’re sick of FIFA. Take a break from the grind, recharge, and come back ready for FIFA 22.

Catch more gameplay guides over on H00bear's YouTube Channel!

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