FUT22 Features Pitch Note: The Audiobook Read Through!

On this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast, your host Ben reads through the FIFA22 Pitch Note 'FUT Deep Dive' so you don't have to! Plus he throws in some extra context to clear a few bits up. More FUT discussion and analysis to come very soon! 

This includes:
    • Division Rivals
    • Progression
    • Starting Out
    • Elite Division
    • Weekly Rewards
    • Season and Milestones Rewards
    • Season Refresh
    • Matchmaking
    • FUT Champions
    • Qualification
    • Champions Play-Offs
    • Champions Finals
    • Champions Re-Qualification and Entry
    • Champions Rewards
    • Co-op Public Matchmaking
    • Main Menu
    • Player Item Views
    • Gameplay Settings
    • Celebration Camera Settings
    • Competitive Gameplay Settings
    • Stadium Customization
    • FUT Heroes
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