NEW Fifa 22 FUT Heroes

Exciting new cards!

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So here we go with the first article for Fifa 22! FUT Heroes are coming to Fifa 22 to celebrate some of football's most memorable players, new Items that represent the unforgettable moments that turned them into fan favourites!

What do we know so far and which players are confirmed yet?

  • All FUT Heroes will be available from the start of the Game
  • People who pre-ordered the game will get their FUT Hero card on December 1st
  • More FUT Heroes will be revealed in August!
  • Have a look at the players who are already confirmed by EA Sports, how they will link to others FUT player items and other players who are strongly rumored!

    Here are the already confirmed players

    Confirmed Fifa 22 FUT Heroes

    OVR Ratings and card stats are calculated based on in-game stats found in the Database! These might NOT be the final ratings!

    FUT Heroes Chemistry explained

    Fifa 22 FUT Heroes Chemistry explained


  • David Ginola - LW
  • Jürgen Kohler - CB
  • Antonio Di Natale - ST
  • Giovane Elber - ST
  • Santiago Canizares - GK
  • Ivan Cordoba - CB
  • Joe Cole - CAM
  • Alexander Mostovoi - CAM
  • Freddie Ljungberg - RM
  • Matthew Le Tissier - CAM
  • Jerzy Dudek - GK
  • These players are rumored to be featured in Fifa 22 as a FUT Hero based on in-game files, they are not guaranteed until they are confirmed by EA Sports!

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