Podcast: Big Reviews, 68 goal WL player & Future Stars coming #W18

In this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast, FIFA eWorld Cup Final Commentator Richard Buckley and competitive FIFA player XampL join Ben and the TheFUTCoach Steve Stokes, to dig into a huge week of content as it continues beyond TOTY:

  • Crazy pre-pod TOTY luck!
  • 1 player with 68 goals in 1 weekend league
  • TOTYHM Objective Grealish Review
  • TOTYHM Mane Review
  • Moments Boateng Review
  • TOTY Ramos Reviewed
  • CR7 Flashback thoughts & concerns
  • Is TOTY actually always a bad promo?
  • Future Stars on its way
  • EOAE Wayne Rooney

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just £3 a month), giveaways and more via Patreon over at bit.ly/morepod! This includes a 2nd weekly podcast, this week focusing on gameplay tips:

  • The 4321 that got Richard his first Elite 1 finish
  • How to beat Park the Bus with player lock
  • How to press completely manually
  • How to finish chances (and why it might not be finishing that is your issue)
  • Timed finishing in FIFA21?
  • Defending corners: recommended defender and GK positions 
  • How to get a goal every 1 in 4 corners!
  • Loads more!

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