Podcast: FUT Weekly Christmas Quiz!

In this episode we bring you the return of the annual FUT Weekly Christmas Quiz! They've locked horns before, and in 2020 they do it again, YouTube legend AirJapes and TheFUTCoach Steve battle it out for podcast glory! A bit of festive fun from The FUT Weekly Podcast and your host Ben to see out 2020, questions include:

  • Which Icons have sons in FUT?
  • What connects our three clubs
  • The classic 5 star 5 star question
  • First ever Record Breaker?
  • Past rating downgrades?
  • Beckham' last FUT item
  • Many many more!

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just £3 a month), giveaways via Patreon over at bit.ly/morepod! Typically this includes an extra supporter exclusive pod — this week it is this podcast with a bonus element!

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