Podcast: Pressing, Beating the Press & Jockey Revelations #W6

In this episode of the FUT Weekly Podcast, the FUT legend AirJapes, Steve Stokes aka TheFUTCoach) and market expert ImADuckQuackk join your host Ben to discuss their top gameplay tips for FIFA21 so far:

  • Diagnosing defensive issues
  • Important 3 at the back tips
  • Gameplay frustrations - are they due to connection?
  • Game changing information about improving your jockey!
  • How to press effectively
  • How to get out of the press
  • Pressing nerf incoming?
  • Fun and effective additions: player lock & flair goals

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  • Road To The Final Team 1 Thoughts
  • RTTF Kounde Review
  • How RTTF final players look as investments
  • Tips for Live FUT Friendly objectives
  • Objective tips
  • Market going forward
  • "League SBCs" Return
  • Much more!

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