New FUT Features revealed for FIFA21!

FUT legend AirJapes, Melbourne City Pro Marcus Gomes and market expert MattFUTTrading join your regular host Ben to dig into the FUT features that EA have revealed for FIFA21. 

Your panel discuss:

  •  Announcement of loads of new icons
  •  Coop — what can you and can't you do? Where could it be useful?
  •  New "FUT Events" and rewards
  •  Complete stadium customisation
  •  Fairly significant Rivals changes — what do they mean for our FUT day to day?
  •  The new Rivals 'cash reward injection'
  •  FUT Friendlies (A Daily Knockout Tournament alternative?)
  •  Much more!
  • The discussion continues on your Extra Time podcast — following soon!

Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just $3 a month) via Patreon over at Including the Extra Time version of this pod, covering:

  • New upgrades: 'Player Moments' — the stat boosts we've been waiting for?
  • Loads and loads of seemingly great quality of life improvements
  • Taking your FUT club between consoles
  • Should FUT push towards being more manual?

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