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Alisson - GK - OVR 89->91 Alisson was already there or there abouts when it came to the best goalkeeper in the world but with an official TOTY inclusion during FIFA 20 going alongside another impressive season for the Brazilian stopper I can see him being the joint highest rated goalkeeper on FIFA 21. He already comes in with a strong 89 rating but I can see that being further boosted to a 90 or even a 91 for the upcoming edition, going alongside the current highest rated GK in Oblak.


Trent Alexander-Arnold- RB - OVR 83->86 One of the more notable increases is likely to come with Trent. The RB position has always been one which lacks high rated options with Kimmich being the highest this year at 86. I feel that Trent will continue to rise in upcoming years but for this one I have opted to match the 86 rating which gives him a plus 3 in rating. A big difference that should be noted is his shooting stat which I expect will increase significantly. TAA is still only 21 years old and should his form continue he should go down as one of the best RB to have lived.

Virgil Van Djik - CB - OVR 90->91 This one could be classed as controversial with no change predicted in terms of rating but when you start at a 90 base rating its A base rating of 90 is difficult to increase on, especially as a defender but with Virgils world wide reputation being so high I feel that a plus 1 could happen. EA will want room for several special items over the course of the year which limits how much I can increase him but I do expect Virgil to be the highest rated CB in the game with the Dutchman having the potential to challenge for the Ballon D'or in the coming years, which would make him the first since Cannavaro.

Joe Gomez - CB - OVR 80->82 The only position in Liverpools back five that can be debated is this one and although there is talk surrounding another CB addition to the side I feel that Gomez is more than capable of developing it into his own. The Englishman has impressed in stints, showing that he is more than capable of playing in such a successful side. I don't want to go too crazy on the upgrade and thus I feel that a plus 2 is more than fair at this point. Should he cement his spot in the side next season I would expect a similar upgrade for the following season.

Andrew Robertson - LB - OVR 85->86 Much like the RB position, the LB is also relatively low rated in comparison to other positions with Alba being the highest at 87 in the current game. Robertson has seen big upgrades over the past couple of seasons but now that he has developed into one of the best LB's in the world rather than a relatively unknown name I expect the increase to be much more modest. That being said I do feel that he still has room to progress and thus I have increased him by 1.


Sadio Mane - LW - OVR 88->90 The Mane v Salah debate has been one which has been going on for a while now but for me after another impressive season for the Senegalese international I am happy to put them on the same level and so while I can't see Salah being downgraded I simply had to give Mane a plus 2. Despite scoring slightly less than last season with three player of the month awards going his way its hard to argue against another upgrade for him.

Jordan Henderson - CM - OVR 83->85 Liverpool fans were simply livid with a plus 1 rating increase on Henderson last season but with the age factor now likely to take a toll on his rating I feel that he can't get much higher than what I am predicting here at 85. He plays a big role for Liverpool there is no question about that but in terms of ability I feel that there are far better and thus an increase of two is potentially already generous. Sorry Liverpool fans.

Georgino Wijnaldum - CM - OVR 84->86 People talk about how underrated Henderson is but I feel that Wijnaldum falls into that category even more so. The Dutchman offered minimal contributions on the offensive side of the game but his all round battle has been crucial for Liverpool and when he plays the side look significantly better than when he doesn't. I am perhaps being a tad ambitious on a plus two upgrade here but I feel as though he deserves the recognition.

Fabinho - CDM - OVR 85->85 This is a difficult one with Fabinho missing a good amount of gametime during the middle of the season but the Brazilian has still been impressive on the pitch while playing his trade, adapting to English football well since moving from Monaco. That being said I do feel as though 85 is a fair rating for him at this point and thus expect to see either an 85 or an 86 from EA on announcement.

Mohamed Salah - RW - OVR 90->90 I think its safe to say although Salah has still been impressive this season that he has not reached the level we have previously seen from him, at least on a consistent basis. There is talk about his departure over the summer and although I can not see his rating decreasing as at the end of the day he is still one of the best wingers in the world currently, I neither see the rating increasing and thus I expect a very similar Salah item in 21.


Roberto Firmino - CF - OVR 86->87 Firmino gets a lot of stick outside of Liverpool for his goalscoring record but what he does for the club his huge and without him you wouldn't see the likes of Salah and Mane scoring quite as often as they do. Afterall theres a reason that he gets into the side week in week out. I'm expecting a decent upgrade on both passing and physical for Firmino which I can see pushing him up slightly .


Joel Matip - CB - OVR 82->82 Matip has struggled for gametime this season, largely due to injury but while fit he competes for the CB spot alongside Virgil with Gomez. I think it would be harsh to give Matip a downgrade as ability wise 82 is still a harsh rating in my eyes but with the about of minutes under his belt I just can't justify increasing his rating.

James Milner - CM - OVR 81->80 Theres some talk surrounding a potential return to Leeds for Milner but I can't see him leaving Liverpool this summer and thus I have decided to include him in this side. Although a downgrade is potentially harsh on him the age factor is one that EA often play with even the very best players getting downgraded as a result of getting towards the end of their careers.

Naby Keita - CM - OVR 82->83 After showing some serious ability while playing in Germany for Leipzig Keita has since struggled to get into the Liverpool side and actually got downgraded from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20. After getting the nod late into the season for Klopps side I can see him going back to his original 83 rating but I wouldn't expect much to change with Keita's limited showing.

Takumi Minamino - CAM - OVR 75->79 Since making the move from Salzburg to Liverpool Minamino has struggled to break into the side and during the limited opportunities he has been given has failed to impress. That being said I am still expecting a decent upgrade for him with his current rating at just 75. I dont expect the upgrade to be groundbreaking though and his future will largely depend on what he manages in the 2020/21 season. A plus 4 seems to be the logical thing here.

Alex Oxlaide Chamberlain - CM - OVR 80->80 Unfortunately it looks as though the once promising Oxlaide Chamberlin looks set for a squad rotation player going forward and has once again struggled for consistent gametime. He has shown glimpses of magic but as a whole I feel as though the 80 overall rating is one that is going to stay once again.

Xherdan Shaqiri - RW - OVR 82->80 While it was always going to be a case of multiple upgrades for this Liverpool side there are a couple of players who could still go down. Shaqiri is the high profile name with a veryquiet season from the Swiss international. There have been moments of magic as you would expect with his style of play but as a whole I can't see there being much of a future for him. Theres a chance we wont be seeing him as a Liverpool player next season but as it stands there is nothing concrete suggesting that he wont. 80 is potentially still too high for him in truth.

Divock Origi - ST - OVR 78->79 Origi has played second fiddle all season with limited opportunities to impress for Liverpool but when he has appeared he has done well for them. Showing that he has the ability to play at the top level. While I can't see much movement in his rating I am still opting to give him a plus 1 as his reputation is strong.


Ozan Kabak - CB - OVR 74->80 Kabak is already a well known youth player in world football as shown by the fact he has picked up a future stars item from EA but its a name that could be even bigger in the coming years, especially if a high profile move to Liverpool kicks in. There is definitely a spot for Kabak to enter the first side set-up so a move for him could work well for both parties. The Turkish defender has been fantastic for Schalke with talks of a 32 million move taking place. The rating is unlikely to increase above the 80 range though at least until he proves himself at a higher level.

Kalidou Koulibaly. - CB - OVR 89->88 With Koulibaly approaching his final years it could be unlikely that Liverpool will want to shed out the wanted cash for the CB but I feel as though Koulibaly would want to be tested at the top level and given the opportunity Liverpool would be a good fit. There have only been small rumours of this though and thus I wouldn't get your hopes up. That being said should it happen it would be up there with one of the best central pairings of all time. Napoli have been disappointing though this season and thus I could see a small drop in rating for him with 89 being very high.

Thiago - CM - OVR 87->88 Should the transfer go through I would expect Thiago to be one of the higher profile transfers over the summer and as a result EA will want to make his OTW item an attractive one so while staying at a rating of 87 is a sensible decision I can see them pushing him to an 88 simply for the move. The Spaniard impressed especially during the second half of the season with Munich and I feel as though he would fit into the Liverpool set-up superbly.

Harvey Barnes - LW - OVR 75->80 Onto a lower profile transfer now with Harvey Barnes being heavily linked to Liverpool and with myself wanting these to be realistic rather than random punts I opted to include the Leicester winger. He would probably be a back up option for the champions but should either Mane or Salah exit over the summer there is a chance for a new face and its an opportunity Barnes could thrive upon. Hes been a consistent performer for Leicester this season but as for increase I wouldn't expect much.

Victor Osimhen - ST - OVR 77->81 Osimhen started the season as a 74 rated silver for Lille but a breakthrough campaign for the youngster has seen interest from many clubs with the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and Napoli all heavily linked to the forward. The Nigerian scored 18 goals in Ligue 1 this season which is what have clubs knocking and without a real goalscoring striker for Liverpool he would offer something different for the upcoming season.

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