Skill Boosts are the new Gamechangers in FIFA Mobile Season 2

If you're looking for the latest FIFA Mobile info to get you on into the weekend, it's here.

The boosts you were acucstomed to getting in-game for the first 2/3 of FIFA Mobile Season 1 have been replaced somewhat by actual in-game items you can get to level up corresponding stats.

Much as you can train players to improve their overall, you'll be able to upgrade Skill Boosts as well, to give your squad even bigger and better statistical upgrades.

Also like training, a few "Pre-Season" players from S1 will give you a jump start to get going with Skill Boost progress come Season 2's launch: David Luiz, Edinson Cavani, Darijo Srna, David Silva, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan all deliver Skill Boost rewards to get going in S2 on the right foot.

So what do you think about the latest nugget of info for FIFA Mobile Season 2? Changes can seem overwhelming in a vacuum, but once they get here, you might just wonder how you ever played the game without them.

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