FIFA Mobile reset: Season 2 confirmed

One of the more debated aspects of the inaugural go of EA SPORTS' "FIFA Mobile" can be put to rest. A reset is happening. EA announced Friday (alongside two blockbuster plans to close their first season out) that a "Season 2" will be arriving in November, 2017.

Though specifics are still to come for the next iteration of the game, those who've played the new "Madden Mobile" 18 can expect some of the same look and feel to carry over if history is any precident.

While EA's announcement (and prior years for anyone who's played any of the console FIFAs) makes what happens next relatively clear, there's understandably still plenty out there less familiar with what happens next. Here's the gist of it:

What happens next?

FIFA Mobile Season 1 wraps up in early November. The game, live events, etc that you've grown to know and love will be replaced by an updated version of the game around that time.

Do I get to keep my players?

Nope. If you successfully complete one (or multiple) of a short list of players in FIFA Mobile's ultimate promotion, "PreSeason", you'll start Season 2 with a lower rated version of that/those player item(s). The rest of your players will not come over to the second iteration of FIFA Mobile. Other player plans can be completed to get packs and other rewards at the beginning of Season 2 as well.

What about my coins?

Coins don't come over either, sorry.

But surely FIFA Points?

Good news; those will. In almost every iteration of FIFA on console as well as other EA mobile games, you're given a one-time opportunity to migrate your FIFA points when you begin playing the next version of the game.

This isn't fair/I worked so hard for my team/etc.

Unfortunately this isn't a simple situation with a simple answer. Resetting the game gives everyone a shot to build over from scratch. If you think the gulf between those that spend on the freemium game and those who do not is big now, imagine how big it would get if there wasn't some kind of annual reset.

There are also licensing issues a foot; in order to add new player items, new clubs, new kits, and new badges, per their agreements with FIFA and the various leagues/player bodies, EA have to do this.

We understand this may be the most jarring to Eastern players familiar with "FIFA Online 3", but the jurisdictions where that game is released have different licensing rules that would appear to differ pretty dramatically from the rest of the world.

It may seem like a litlte bit of a bummer at first to some, but those well versed in the annual resets from console FIFAs know it's better in the long run.

For everyone else, let the hype begin. If Season 2 is even in the ballpark of the other EA mobile game's latest releases, we should be in for quite a good one.

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