With FIFA Mobile's Easter event running for only another 4 days and the Blue Star event steadily ticking away in the background, it's time for another program. This time, a league specific program, focussing on La Liga.

The plan starts today (April 20th) and is due to run until the 1st of May, bringing 8 new upgradable players into the mix.

Each of the 8 featured clubs has 4 Elite players to pick up, which you can trade, along with other items picked up from live events and packs, for a 90+ OVR Maestro player from that club that will also offer a stat boost to all other La Liga players in your squad.

On top of that, there's 8 boosted Maestro players, which come with a slight catch, they're random. So you could potentially finish the Barcelona plan and try to use your 93 rated Neymar to upgrade to the 97 rated Neymar, and receive 94 rated Rossi instead...

Whilst they're all untradeable during the event, once the event is finished, the upgraded 94-97 rated items will be available to buy or sell on the market.

So basically, if you're still hung up on FIFA Mobile and thought you'd take a little break after the disastrously received (and subsequently updated) Easter plan, you're not getting away just yet. You addict.

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