Easter Courtois gets his Buffon on in new FIFA Mobile 'Retro Stars'

With the FIFA Mobile Global Tour in full swing -- make sure you vote for the Program Legend and enter Futhead's giveaway for your chance at one of three 99-overall beasts -- many predicted this week's 'Retro Stars' would be a bit of a snoozer.

Think again.

The popular Halloween Luiz Gustavo, now on his new club of Marseille (and at 91 overall), as well as Carniball Vincent Koziello (up to 94 overall in his own right) are joined by the upgraded 98 OVR Easter Thibaut Courtois to make for a pretty solid all things considered week of offerings. If you're like many, you may have to build the untradeable Courtois to have a shot at him. But at 98 overall, and with some not-too-shabby looking boosts, you could do a lot worse at GK -- especially if you skipped uTOTS Gigi Buffon and/or VsA Champion Jan Oblak.

While it doesn't have the spice of a 99-overall striker or center forward, a 98 goalkeeper will probably entice some of the medium-to-heavier spenders. And Gustavo could still make quite a few players' club.

Which of this week's 'Retro Stars' are you most excited about? Any players you're still hoping get a bump in future weeks?

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