FIFA Mobile Upgraded LvL Luka Modric Player Review

With the release of the League vs League (LvL) Master player upgrades a couple of weeks ago, everyone has been slowly working their way towards being able to upgrade them by winning 10 LvL tournaments letting you upgrade your Juan Mata, Andrea Pirlo or Luka Modrić from 90 rated to 95.

Having missed out on Player of the Month Heung Min Son due to the pricey Messi, I have been lacking a good second CAM for my team for a while, and had high hopes that 95 rated Luka Modrić would be able to fill one of the biggest gaps I had in my team.

This is the team that I used to test him. The games I played with him were in in LvL Tournaments, League Championships and the Legendary 1 and 2 division of Versus Attack Mode, facing teams rated between 101 and 115 Overall.

At first look, his stats aren't the most impressive, especially for a 95 rated player. Compared to other of a similar rating, such as the recently released Global Tour Master Christian Eriksen or Upgraded TOTS Dele Alli, Modrić's main attribute is obviouly his passing -- one of the least important areas for any player to have good stats in for FIFA Mobile.

To get a better idea as to how he may play, lets take a look at his stats:

At first look, his stats aren't the most impressive, especially for a 95 rated player. With his passing and dribbling being his top attributes, he doesn't necessarily lend himself well to FIFA Mobile, which is more centred around pace and shooting ability. Compared to other of a similar rating, such as the recently released Global Tour Master Christian Eriksen, Upgraded TOTS Dele Alli or even the Independence Day Christian Pulisic, all have what appear to be far superior stats in the right areas.


In around 20 games that I played with him, going between the three variants of 451, these are his approximate stats:



Not exactly outstanding contributions in either stat, but with CAM being a difficult position to find, he was limited in the number of chances he was a part of. The majority of his assists came from his corners, which were definitely a strong point of his game.


Pace: 5/10 - Sluggish is the best word I can think of to describe him. He had occasional chances where he was able to run clear and get a shot on goal, but more often than not he was caught by a defender who many other players would be able to run free from. However, that was to be expected for a player with only 90 pace, and many of the opposition defenders had far greater pace stats which allowed them to be able to catch up to him.

Shooting: 6/10 - Sometimes he was great, and could score some nice curved shots from the edge of the box, but the next turn he could put an identical chance straight at the keeper or far beyond the far post. I feel like his inability to be able to finish fairly easy chances was the reason that I ended up getting demoted from Legendary 1 to Legendary 2 in the process of playing with him for this review.

Passing: 8/10 - Modrić's only real positive was his passing. Whether tapping or using the buttons, he was able to find his target the majority of attempts. When he took my corners, his accuracy was excellent, and resulted in more scoring chances than with any other corner taker. Sadly, passing still plays a minor role in the game, so his excellent passing ability goes to waste, unlike if his shooting was his key area of strength.

Dribbling: 7/10 - His pace obviously plays a part in his dribbling, as it reflects the speed at which he is able to move with the ball. His 95 Dribbling felt good when using his roulette, and his movement as a whole felt good. However, he sometimes felt slightly clunky, with loose first touches and letting the ball run too far ahead of him when he was doing a roulette past a defender.

Physical: 4/10 - His biggest notable weakness was his strength. With his lack of pace, you'd hope he'd have the strength to hold off some defenders at least, but no. He was easily knocked off the ball by even some more 'average' defenders like 95-97 David Luiz or Retro Stars Laurent Ciman, which gave him no chance against any of the top tier defenders that you tend to face in the higher reaches of the VsA leaderboard.


Is he worth doing? The simple answer is no.

His stats simply don't perform at the level you'd expect for such a hard-to-get player of any level, never mind a 95 rated one. The stats of both 95 Juan Mata and 95 Andrea Pirlo are significantly better than those of the Croat. I almost feel like it was solely down to him that I ended up being relegated from Legendary 1 while testing him, as he was far too inconsistent with his finishing to be effective in that division. On top of this, his +3 Long Pass Accuracy is not going to provide a major boost to any of your players, and with such an abundance of other CAM's with better stats and boosts, upgrading Modrić shouldn't be a high priority for anyone.

Rating: 6/10

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