FIFA Mobile - Player of the Month Robben Review

FIFA Mobile's Player of the Month program was an addictive way to turn Wednesday mornings/Tuesday nights into mad dashes to build the latest Master Player of the Week and try and make a bit of profit in the process. While this has stopped for the summer, there is a somewhat similar event taking its place. But before the original plans end completely, EA have released some limited time only packs enabling those that missed out to chase them, what better time to discuss the wonder that is POTM Arjen Robben In my Futhead debut, let's explore whether or not this right midfielder is worth spending the FIFA points to try and get.

Here is the team used while making the review.

Pace: 9.5/10 Obviously, the main pacey player that the majority of people have is Attack Mode Griezmann. It is safe to say he massively exceeds the Frenchman in every way. His acceleration makes him great for playing VsA as it allows him to get started very quickly in attacks, while his sprint speed allows him to easily get past almost all defenders with relative ease. I would even rank him in the same pace category as TOTS Aubameyang, just due to how explosive he is, and his ease at getting past defenders.

Shooting: 10/10 His nickname applies just as well in game as it does in real life. I scored countless goals with him just by running down the wing, doing a roulette inside and then curling a shot to the back post. I don't consider myself an amazing player, but I was able to score 6+ in almost all games in which I used him - against opponents as high as 107 Overall, with a large majority of those goals coming from Robben's cuts inside and shots either going in, or being scored on a rebound.

Passing: 8/10 I'm not sure about you, but passing isn't something I do a lot in my attacks. When I was testing him out at first, I found that he is more than capable of putting in a cross - normally with pinpoint accuracy and his normal passing more consistent than the likes of Juan Mata, who I found fairly inconsistent in his pass weighting. His free kicks are incredible, with both his accuracy and power being second to none. While most other players I have used struggled to get the perfect combination of the two factors from further out, but Robben was able to score with great success from distances of 30 yards or more

Dribbling: 9/10 With his 105 Dribbling, you would expect him to be excellent at the roulette. He certainly doesn't disappoint, with one of the fastest roulette I've used. On top of this, his ball control means that he is very difficult to get the ball off of, especially when doing a roulette, as he keeps the ball so close to him. With his pace being so high, it means that he doesn't put the ball to far ahead of him. Finally, his reactions means that he is always a threat on rebounds from saves, making him even better.

Physical: 7/10 Perhaps his only downside is that his strength is not the best. He sometimes struggles to push defenders away from him if they are able to prevent him sprinting. However, this can actually be beneficial as he wins a lot of free kicks, which he is more than capable of scoring. He is still able to hold his own against a large majority of excellent defenders.

Value for Money: Obviously, his price depends on how successful you were in making each POTW plan, or your luck in opening packs For me, I consider the 3-4 million coins spent building him to be well worth it, especially in my team which is mainly Bundesliga. If you are close to completing him, I fully recommend going all in to get him, as another such 99-rated right midfielder may not come for a while.

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