FIFA Mobile - Team of the Season

TOTS is in full swing on console and now it's time for FIFA Mobile to join the party.

Starting today (19th of May) and running until the 3rd of July, TOTS on FIFA Mobile will concentrate on the five major leagues, Germany, Spain, Italy, England and France, and will feature the same starting 11 and 12 reserves for each squad as their console counterparts, although the ratings may differ slightly. As you'd expect, there will be a packed TOTS program, which will centre around the leagues startes and reserves.

The format will be the same through the first 5 weeks, focusing on the active team for that week, you can use league specific players and TOTS tokens to unlock players from the starting 11 or the reserves of that week's TOTS. There will be plans available revolving around the starting 11 which grants a starting 11 player and an upgrade token used later, and the reserves, which grants a reserve player but no upgrade token. It will however be possible to find starting 11 players via the reserve plan. The players available throught this part of the event will all be tradeable and all TOTS players will boost other players from their league.

Week 6 will be the Overall Team of the Season, featuring players from all five leagues. The players that make up this team will be upgradable using the upgrade tokens earned across weeks 1-5.

The FIFA Mobile Team will be tracking the most popular plans across week 6 and boil them down into the Ultimate TOTS for week 7, these 11 players will be able to be upgraded a second time.

Each new TOTS will be announced on Fridays at 6pm UK time, 10am Pacific.

So that's TOTS for FIFA Mobile in a nutshell. Plenty of details still tbd including stats, but it's going to be a busy 7 weeks for F2P players.

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