83 Ultimate SCREAM Tahith Chong FIFA 20 Player Review

Hello! Today, we're wrapping up Ultimate SCREAM with a look at the recently released SCREAM Tahith Chong! Chong is available through an SBC, which costs around 30k to complete.

In-Game Stats

Chong has quite a few highs and lows when it comes to his in-game stats:

On one had, he has decent Pace, 82+ in all the important shooting stats, 99 Agility, 92 Dribbling, 80 Stamina, and 76+ Strength and Aggression. On the other hand, he has 72 Vision, less than 70 Short and Long passing, 72 Reactions, 68 Balance, and the three-star weak foot.

I used a Sniper on Chong, giving him the following boosts:

With this boost, he gets a decent boost to his dribbling and composure, as well as a huge boost to his shooting.

Player Performance

I've used Chong for 5 games, and here are his stats after those games:

Games: 5

Goals: 8

Assists: 1

In-game, he plays as a RCAM or a RW, so he can cut in on his left foot.


  • Pace: WIthout boosting his pace, he's more than fast enough to play a CAM or a ST. If you give him a slight pace boost, he'll be more than good enough to play as a winger. Definitely feels a little faster in game. No complaints here from me, but if you are overly reliant on pace, he might not be the player for you.

  • Positioning: Makes a lot of good, varied runs. He finds space on the wing very consistently, and he manages to find pockets of space to cut into without you having to trigger the runs. He's usually in good attacking positions from which he can unleash a long-range shot, and when you break forward, he'll find his way into the box.

  • Finishing: With a Sniper chem style, it's decent. He's pretty consistent in front of goal (especially since the sniper takes his composure to 84), and he's proficient at scoring with pretty much any kind of shot. If you get him on the right side, he can finesse one in, or drive it near post. From the left, he can hammer one cross body with ease. And from distance, he's deadly on either side, (especially now that the long shot stat actually means something in game).

  • Finesse Shots: Had to mention this separately, because it's just that good. Time those shots well, and he's hitting the far corner every time. Short of some decent keeper movement, or your opponent having the best keepers in the game, it's a consistent way to score.

  • Shot Power: Really good in game -- gives his long-range shots are huge amount of speed, and gives his closer-range finishes way too much power for the keepers to react or hold on to.

  • Agility: Really nimble, and easily able to change direction and confuse opponents. I was really impressed with his agility -- it feels great in game.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: The latter goes up to 99 in game, and it does feel like it. He's exceptional with the ball, keeps it close even at top speed, and holds onto it well enough for you to be able to fully utilize his agility. His frist touch is extremely consistent, and his skill moves are clean.

  • Composure: Absolutely fine in game. I don't know if that's down to the Sniper or not, but either way, there's nothing to worry about here.

  • Stamina: 80 is more than enough for an attacking player, and he's got more than enough juice in the tank to be functional all game.

  • Strength and Aggression: Feels strong on and off the ball, and he's aggressive in the challenge. When combined with his height and stocky build, he's quite good at shielding the ball and holding off defenders, and his physicality allows him to bully defenders and win back the ball far up the field.

  • Skill Moves: Four-star skills are more than enough this year.


  • Passing: Really not a great passer of the ball at all. He lacks the vision to see anything but the simplest passes, and he lacks the short and long passing needed to execute even some of the simplest passes. His crossing isn't particularly great either, so don't think that he can contribute in that way. Chong is the man you turn to at the end of an attacking move, not the man who ties it all together.

  • Balance: It's not the worst stat in the world, but it does mean that he goes over too easily at times. He struggles to keep his balance if you execute really sharp turns, and under pressure, he can go over without being able to pull off the shot.

  • Reactions: He feels a little sluggish at times, especially when it comes to loose balls or tackles that throw him off balance. However, it's not too noticeable in game, and it's miles ahead of that SCREAM Adam Traore I took a look at last time out.

  • Aerial Ability: Non-existent. Despite being 6'1, and having 70+ jumping, he's totally useless in the air. He doesn't win a lot of headers, and when he does, the header is more likely to go backwards than it is to go on target. Not the worst thing in the world for a wide player, but he's definitely not going to be the man who tucks away those near or far post headers.

  • Weak Foot: Good enough for the simpler stuff -- tap ins, basic finishes from a 5-10 yards out, simple short passes -- but he's not much of a threat if you get him onto his right.


I really did enjoy using Chong. He was nowhere close to an elite player, but he was very effective in game. Tahith Chong checks off so many of the boxes that you need for an attacking player this year -- he's fast (and even faster with the right chemistry style), he's a good finisher and long shot taker, he's already very good on the ball (I'd recommend boosting this even further to get a truly fantastic dribbler), he can pull off all the effective skill moves, and he's a bit of a tank in-game. I'd say he's basically the right sided Martial, with much better shooting, or a cheaper Gareth Bale, with some of the creases not ironed out.

He's definitely one of the better right wingers I've used this year, he's very easy to link up, and he's not expensive at all. For 30K, you're getting a fantastic right-sided player who is a capable goal scorer, a very able dribbler, and a true powerhouse, all of which are a nightmare for any opponent.

To top it all off, he doesn't suffer from that inconsistency that affects these lower-rated meta cards -- Chong is consistently at a good level, and he mostly turns up game after game.


Overall Rating: 8/10 - He undoubtedly has some issues, and he's a little rough around the edges, but he is also extremely effective in game. He can dribble, he can score a whole range of shots, and he's got enough power and presence to really be an asset to your side.

Value for Coins: 9/10 - If there is any way for you to fit him in your squad, either as a starter or as a super-sub, I'd say sure; go for it. He's a lot of fun to use in game, and surprisingly effective, and I think a lot of you might enjoy trying him out.

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