85 Ultimate SCREAM Adama Traore FIFA 20 Player Review

Today, we're looking at one of the more hyped players so far in FUT 20 -- the 85-rated Ultimate SCREAM Adama Traore.

Adama was released as part of the second SCREAM team, and was initially extinct at his 400k price point. He's since dropped to around 330k (which is around what I picked him up at), and he'll probably come down to around 300k before potentially rising again.

In-Game Stats

Without any chemistry boosts, Adama's card looks absolutely ridiculous:

He has 99 Sprint Speed, 98 Acceleration and Shot Power, 93 Dribbling, 91 Balance, 90 Crossing, 89 Strength and 88 Agility, along with the four-star skills and two-star weak foot.

I first tried him with Sniper, in an effort to max out his dribbling while giving him the +15 Finishing boost:

But in the end, I went with the Deadeye:

Don't worry too much about boosting his dribbling -- it's already solid in game. The Deadeye definitely seemed to work better for me in game, especially when it came to my build up play.

Player Performance

I used Adama as a LS in the 4222, playing alongside Marcus Rashford, with Martial and Atal out wide, and Sissoko and Ndombele in behind him. Here are his stats after the 10 games I used him in:

Games: 10

Goals: 26

Assists: 10

Yup, you're reading that right. He blew away any past player I've reviewed when it comes to his goals and assists. It does help that he had a game where he scored 8 (eight!) and got an assist, where I was playing the best FIFA I've ever played and my opponent couldn't catch a break (it ended 10-0, my best result this year). He also notched up four more games with 3+ goals, all of which boost his overall stats.

Let's get into his pros and cons.


  • Pace: I take back anything I've said about any other card's pace this year -- they aren't fast compared to him. He is LIGHTNING. Instant acceleration, and that means he hits his 98 sprint speed in one or two steps. If you give him a chance to take those two steps, he's gone -- no one is catching him. I've come up against Semedo, Cancelo, Walker -- none of them stood a chance.

  • Finishing: This is a strange one. When he's on his game (which happens around 50% of the time), he's going to score everything he gets his hands on. In those moments, it's a sight to behold -- dipping long shots (pre-patch, at least), fantastic finesse shots, cannon-like power shots, and delicate chips. Get him onto his right foot, and he'll score. The only issue is that he doesn't get into those moods as often as you would like (more on that later).

  • Shot Power: 98 without a boost, 99 with the chemistry style, and it feels like it. Absolutely hammers them, and it means they are often past the keeper before he can react.

  • Attacking Runs: He makes some amazing runs. Sometimes he gets in behind, sometimes he just slices through the middle of the defense, and sometimes he finds himself in a pocket of space from which you can run with him. He creates so many chances due to his movement, it's genuinely crazy. In those 10 games, he probably created around 50 chances to score (making his 26 goals seem wasteful).

  • Agility and Balance: Quick on the turn, great when it comes to skill moves, and excellent at changing direction when you use the strafe dribbling. He feels excellent in game, even without boosting these stats in game.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: For someone with 99 Pace, his ability to keep the ball close is immense. The ball is pretty much stuck to his feet as he runs, and it's never more than a step away, even when he's at top speed. This allows you to quickly switch direction, or execute a skill move, without Adama ever really slowing down.

  • Crossing: I don't cross all that much, but if you get him out wide, he can ping a mean ball into the box. Four of his ten assists were low driven crosses to Rashford (though I should mention that, just like everything else with this card, he was super wasteful with his crosses -- he probably messed up ten much easier crossing opportunities).

  • Stamina: 80, and it feels like that in game. Enough for a forward.

  • Strength: 89 Strength, along with the stocky body type, makes this man a tank in game. He does not get bullied off the ball by anyone except for the most physical players (Sissoko, VVD, etc.). If you run him as a winger, he'll eat the fullbacks for breakfast, and as a striker, most fast CBs are not only too slow to catch up with him, but too weak to push him off the ball if they do. His Aggression might be in the 60s on his card, but it definitely feels higher in game, and that boosts his strength in game.

  • Skill Moves: Four-star, and that's fine.


  • Weak Foot: Wow, it's bad. Feels like a one-star in game. Even tap-ins and simple shots from a couple of yards out are unlikely to go in. It's just one of the many ways in which this card manages to waste so many of the opportunities he gets.

  • Reactions: He doesn't feel sluggish on the ball, but he feels sluggish whenever you try to react to his surroundings. Loose ball bouncing around? He takes an age to direct himself. Defender nudges him slightly? Takes and eon to get his bearings. Chance for a first time shot to seal the game? Takes a touch. Trying to weave through defenders with his great agility, balance and dribbling? He hesitates before he turns. These moments of hesitation and delayed reactions mean that he just doesn't feel like an elite player -- he feels Meta-ish, but far from god-tier.

  • Composure: Another bad one. I mentioned above that he can have bad moments in front of goal, and I believe that this stat is what causes it. 50% of the time, he's a god, 50% of the time he's Emile Heskey at the end of his career. Before everyone jumps on me to say that I should have used the Sniper -- trust me, with the Sniper it felt no different. He's so inconsistent in front of goal, and in general when he's under pressure. He skies or drags one-on-ones wide, he mishits tap ins, he messes up the final passes. He just doesn't make the most of the majority of his chances. If he had been more composed, he would have genuinely got 4 goals a game, every game.

  • Long Passing: Even with the Deadeye, it's pretty average. He's not going to get those through balls on target a lot of the time, which breaks down attacks.


This is definitely one of the most confusing players I've reviewed.

On one hand, he's got 3.6 goal contributions per game in those 10 games, which is by far the highest I've had with any card (except for maybe SPOTM Son in "FIFA 17" during his first 10 games). However, his goals do come in bursts (one eight goal game, two five goal games, two hat tricks -- these are highly anomalous results, and far from the norm), so he's not guaranteed to turn up every game. I was also definitely forcing the play through him, which artificially boosts his stats, and that's definitely no the way to use this card -- he'll carry your through some games, but when he goes missing, you're screwed. He creates so many chances, but he converts just a handful of them. He feels excellent on the ball, but something is missing. His pace and physicality are electric, but his weakfoot is shockingly bad and his composure is so frustrating.

Is he effective his year? Oh yeah. He's one of the most effective players I've used this year. He's got the pace, the power, the shooting, the dribbling -- everything you need in an attacker this year. But the downside is that he's only this effective when he's having a good game, and even in a good game, he can be maddeningly inconsistent. It's the same problem that plagues all these meta players with great stats but low reactions and composure (just check out my reviews on Malen and Osimhen) -- he's brutally effective at times, and ridiculous ineffective at others.

At the end of the day, it boils down to this -- are you willing to drop 330k on a player who will singlehandedly win you games at times, but also singlehandedly throw away games at others? IMO, he's not worth it. I genuinely think Rashford is comparable to him, if not better -- he may not be as fast or as strong, but he's fast and strong enough for FUT 20, he's better in front of goal and on the weak foot, and he's infinitely more consistent.


Overall Rating: 8.5/10 - His inconsistency definitely cancels out a lot of his pros. He's still a great player to use, and he was a lot of fun, but he's not the finished product yet.

Value for Coins: 5/10 - I wouldn't pay 330k for this card. If he was 150k, I might go for him, just because I think he's better than other cards at that price point. But he's not on par with the elite tier cards, so don't drop an elite-tier sum of money on him.

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