83 Victor Osimhen Ligue 1 POTM SBC FIFA 20 Player Review

Today, we're taking a look at the first ever Ligue 1 POTM - the 83-rated Victor Osimhen! He's available through an SBC, which will set you back around 20K.

In-Game Stats

Osimhen secured the POTM vote and received a huge upgrade, jumping from a beastly 74-rated item to this 83-rated one. He's received a +5 pace boost, +11 shooting, +15 passing, +11 dribbling, +8 defending and +6 physical, making this one of the most heavily boosted (non-TOTS, TOTY or FFS) cards we've seen in a long time.

His in-game stats do look very impressive:

For most of this review, Osimhen will be used as a super sub, so the chemistry boosts are irrelevant. I'll give you my thoughts on what he's lacking, and which chemistry styles would be suit him.

Squad and Stats

I'm was running this team:

I switched to a 4222 in game, and Osimhen came on for Saint-Maximin and plays at RCAM or RS.

Since then, I've switched to this:

Osimhen starts on 8 chemistry, and moves to LCAM in this setup.

Here are my stats with Osimhen:

Games: 17

Goals: 11

Assists: 8

Let's get into his pros and cons!


  • Sprint Speed: He's really quick. It takes him a little while to get to top speed, but once he gets there, he's uncatchable. Everything you could want with a striker or a wide player.

  • Finishing: A very consistent finisher, both as a sub or as a player on 8 chemistry. He has decent finesse shots, the low driven shots are great, and his power strikes are amazing. Unlike many lower-rated strikers, he can actually hit the corners with his strikes, and it means he can score regardless of which keeper he's up against.

  • Shot Power: His shot power is great, and it makes his finishing even better. From anywhere within 20 yards, he's going to absolutely blast it past the keeper.

  • Agility and Balance: Surprisingly good in game. He turns really quickly, and stays on his feet in most situations. His stats are more than good enough to fully exploit the broken dribbling mechanics in this game.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: Another surprisingly good aspect of this card. I expected him to be average in this department, but he feels excellent in game. The first touch and close control are good, his ability to stop and accelerate with the ball is excellent, and the ball stays close to him during skill moves.

  • Passing: He's no Xavi, but his short and long passing are consistent, his vision is decent, and his crossing is very good. His balls into the box are great, and they create a fair bit of trouble for the opposition.

  • Jumping and Aerial Dominance: A bit of a beast in the air. Scoring headers is basically impossible this year, but if anyone can do it, Osimhen can. He's got a great jump on him, which is very useful for winning those long balls from your keeper, or intercepting opposition goal kicks. He's also great at winning headers on corners, or in a pinch, he can score goals in the air.

  • Strength and Aggression: Very good. he has a little over 80 strength and a little under 76 aggression, and it works out to feeling like he has 80 physicality in game. It's a pity that physicality means close to nothing this year, but in situations where the game actually takes into account physical stats, this guy will hold off most defenders and midfielder.

  • Stamina: 80 stamina is more than enough for a striker -- he can last the full 90, though he does start to get very tired in extra time.

  • Weak Foot:The four-star weak foot is one of the most important stats you can have this year. For the first few games I used him, I wasn't sure if he was left or right footed - that's how good his weak foot is. Don't hesitate about moving it onto his left - the passes, crosses and shots are basically the same as if they were from his right.


  • Acceleration: Not the biggest issue in the world, but he does take a little while to get off the mark. You feel this a lot more than you would with other cards due to the discrepancy between his acceleration and sprint speed - it takes 5-10 steps before you feel that 95 sprint speed. However, this could be solved with a Hawk.

  • Positioning: A little suspect when it comes to making runs. Most of the chances I get with him are triggered manually, and he's also not the best at latching onto loose balls or seeking out pockets of space. For that reason, I'd play him as a wide CAM or secondary striker - you don't want this to be the guy responsible for pouncing on chances.

  • High Defensive Work Rate: He tends to track pretty far back, which is fine for a CAM/LM/RM, but it does mean he's not in the best attacking positions when you go on the counter/regain possession. This can be remedied with some careful instructions and tactics, but it will always be a little bit of a problem.

  • Skill Moves: I miss the four-star skills when I don't have them, and that's definitely the case with this card. He's missing that little bit of unpredictability, and it makes him easier to read and stop.

  • Composure: It's fine in 90% of the games I use him in, but he has games where nothing goes right for him. In those good games, he's pretty good at scoring all but the hardest chances, but he usually does fluff his lines when it comes to the really tight finishes. In those games where it all goes wrong for him, he's not going to be scoring tap-ins. I'm chalking this up to low-ish composure, but that could also just be because this game is broken.


Overall, I do really enjoy Osimhen. He started as a super sub, who became a player I subbed on right away, and has now found his way into my starting XI. If you're running Ligue 1 sides, there's not going to be a better striker option (outside of Mbappe). If you're not, he's still a very effective attacker that you should try to fit into your team. He's incredibly meta, thanks to his pace, shooting, dribbling and physical, and the fact that three-star skills are more than enough this year means he's not too limited on the field.

He's still rough around the edges, but a lot of that can be fixed through the application of a chemistry style. I'd personally recommend one of two -- a sniper if you're not extremely reliant on pace, as that would seriously improve his shooting and dribbling, or a hawk, if pace and physicality are your main needs. Both will iron out some of his issues, and seriously make him a force to be reckoned with. I'm using him with a Sniper on 8 chemistry, and it does fix a few of the issues I mentioned in this review (his composure is better, his positioning has improved).

Overall, I'd recommend unlocking this card if you can. If he fits into your side, he'll be a consistent goal scorer for you. And if he doesn't, there aren't many better attacking subs you can make than Osimhen.


Overall Rating: 8/10 - He's on par with IF Malen IMO, if not slightly better. He may not have the skills, but he has the height, strength and finishing that Malen is missing at times. A great option at the start of the game, and someone who will definitely make a difference to your side.

Value for Coins: 10/10 - Less than 15k(!) for this card is an absolute steal. Not only is he great SBC fodder when the meta passes him by, but the amount of time he's available for makes grinding for him trivial. Just about perfect pricing from EA.

Note: I know that a Morales review was supposed to come up at some point, but it's been so long since I used him that any full review of him will be vague and not very accurate. Instead, I'll put a brief review of him over on Twitter, just so that those of you who are interested can still see it. Here's the review: https://twitter.com/WookieChew23/status/1185071582269595648. Sorry about that, but I hope it's still useful to anyone who wanted to get my thoughts on him!

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