81 Moussa Sissoko FIFA 20 Player Review

Today, we'll be looking at one of the most overpowered cards in the game -- 81-rated Moussa Sissoko. I picked up Sissoko right at the start of the game, and he hasn't left my team since (he's even outlasted Bruno Fernandes, who is now a super sub).

In-Game Stats

Moussa Sissoko has some exceptional face card stats, and they translate into truly outrageous in-game stats:

I personally run Sissoko on the Basic chemistry style, giving him the all-round boosts that make him a next level box-to-box midfielder.

Squad and Stats

I currently run Sissoko in this side:

I switch to a 41212(2) in-game, with Sissoko playing at LCM for me.

I've used Moussa Sissoko for a lot of games, and here are his stats for me:

Games: 150

Goals: 20

Assists: 30

He's always been played as either a LCDM or an LCM.

Let's get into the review!


  • Pace: 80 without the boost, 83 with the boost, and it feels more like 85-87 in game. His long legs really help with this -- he just eats up ground.

  • Positioning: Surprisingly good. He's always making good runs into the box, or into space on the edge of the box. He does this without me triggering the runs (which is super impressive), and he manages to get past even the most tight defensive lines.

  • Shot Power: Actually fantastic. He blasts them, regardless of how far out he is. You'll often find Sissoko absolutely leathering tap-ins, which is kind of hilarious to watch, especially if you're seen him try in real life. Great shot power is a must this year, and it allows him to score without needing pinpoint accuracy. Shorter attempts can be a lottery, but better than some.

  • Passing: Really good in game. His passing is extremely consistent, his through balls from deep are amazing, and he's decent at being able to pick out a pass. Even his crossing is decent.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: Never thought I'd praise Moussa Sissoko for this, but this year, he's actually great on the ball. He's got amazing ball control and immaculate dribbling, so he can bring the ball down with ease and then keep hold of it. You notice these stats a lot in the quick build up play, and in the slalom dribbling - Moussa Sissoko can do both very well.

  • Tackling: Oh my. He's got 86+ in both stats (with the boost), but it feels like 95+ in game. He's going to stick those long legs into any challenge and come away with the ball. It doesn't matter if the player is already past him - he just reaches around and picks their pocket. He's like Fabinho was last year, which is saying something.

  • Interceptions and Awareness: Again, surprisingly good. He's only just in the 80s for both stats, but he performs a lot better than this. Once again, the long legs make a huge difference in the interceptions - anything within 6 yards is fair game for Sissoko. His marking isn't on Virgil Van Dijk levels, but his tireless work rate, great stamina, and decent awareness to begin with all combine to make a machine that can read the game as well as anyone.

  • Strength and Aggression: This is what you get Sissoko for, and he definitely delivers. He's an absolute monster in-game - he probably wins 99% of his challenges, and he is rarely bullied on the ball (usually it's by the Sissoko on the other team). He's the definition of a tank. I don't think there is a player this year who feels stronger and more aggressive than he is -- I came up against someone wiht 88 Vieira, and Vieira was completely dominated by Sissoko.

  • Stamina: Perfect. It doesn't get much better than 91, and Sissoko is utterly relentless in game. He runs all game long, and even at the end of extra time, he's still got sprints left in the tank.

  • Jumping and Aerial Dominance: Marvelous. It says 82 jumping in his stats, but in game, it feels even more. He's got a large frame, a decent amount of pace behind each jump, and a great jumping stat - put it all together to get a man mountain who wins almost everything in the air. If only headers weren't so bad this year - Sissoko would have been a serious corner threat in FUT 19.

  • Work Rates: High/High workrates can be hit or miss, but in Sissoko's case, they are definitely a hit. He's constantly going up and down the pitch, incessantly contributing to both defense and attack. He's there to shut down any opportunities, and then immediately at the other end of the pitch to create one of his own.

  • Links: A Frenchman in the Premier League. He's basically won the lottery when it comes to links.


  • Finishing: When you consider how many good runs he makes, and how many chances he gets, his finishing could be a little better. He will score when he's within 10-15 yards, but outside of that, it'll be a tough ask.

  • Agility and Balance: Surprisingly, not as bad in-game as his stats say, but he's still not great at this. Agility is manageable, but not great -- he's not going to be able to jockey too easily, or track players from side to side (instead, just wait for them to get close then charge him at them). His balance is only really a problem when he's shooting or jostling with players with comparable strength -- in both cases, if he loses his balance a bit, he's going down. There's no chance of him recovering.

  • Weak Foot: Definitely knit-picking here, but I wish he had a four-star weak foot. Would make his shooting and passing more consistent, and it would prevent me from forcing it onto his right.


Dropping 35K on an 81-rated card might seem like a lot, and in the case of 99.99% of 81-rated cards, you'd be right. But when it comes to Moussa Sissoko, it's a bargain (the same is also true for IF Malen, IF Atal and Eder Militao). I haven't found anyone quite like him, and at what he does, he's the best in the game. Moussa Sissoko absolutely has it all -- he's fast, powerful, decent on the ball, solid in the passing and shooting departments, and surprisingly amazing at defending. He's the complete midfielder, and I can't think of anyone close to him for his price point.

I'm not joking when I call him a poor man's Vieira. He's an amazing player who far, far outplays his stats, and he's so effective this year. He's the all action midfielder that everyone needs in their team, and I'm optimistic he's going to stay in the squad for a long, long time.


Overall Rating: 9.5/10 - One of the most impressive players I've used this year. He could be a little better on the ball, a little more clinical in front of goal, and a little more impressive in his passing, but those are all minor cons -- he's exceptional at everything else. He's an absolute workhorse, a jack-of-all-trades who is a master of a few, and the definition of a beast.

Value for Coins: 9/10 - 35K is a lot, especially for an 81-rated card, but trust me, he's worth it. There are almost no players like him, and those that are cost orders of magnitude more. (Ed. note -- WL demand has seen Sissoko rise to as much as 50K on PS4! The value for coins is less there since it's all but guaranteed to drop Sunday, but he's still a heck of a player -- though an unsustainable investment at that price point)

If you have suggestions for who I should review next, drop them in the comments below, or tweet the to me (@Wookiechew23)!

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