$1000 FIFA 20 Tournament: How to watch Tuesday Night Football #5

Another one. The last pre-FIFA 20 EA qualifiers tournament you'll find anywhere is upon us, with Tuesday Night Football #5 sponsored by Trojan. Those of you who've caught the preeminent weekly FUT tournament in the competitive scene know what's up: Now well into the second full week of this fall's game's lifespan, 16 of the very best NA FIFA pros and aspiring pros will be duking it out in a single-elimination $1,000 USD winner-take-all tourney. Here's everything you need to know before kickoff:

North America's best of the best of the best will be once again being doing battle with roster restrictions of 81 OVR. Lean into the hype by opening the Squad Builder up in a second (or third) tab and seeing if you have what it takes to put together a killer squad to take down the best of theirs. To add to the madness, NYCFC's eMLS pro Christopher Holly is on the cusp of history as he pursues a fifth (!) straight Tuesday Night Football crown.

Definitely make sure you join us in the Twitch chat Tuesday night East Coast-NA time so you don't miss out on any of the fun.

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