82 Quincy Promes FIFA 20 Player Review

Today, we're looking at the 82-rated Quincy Promes!

I've been using Quincy as a super sub for a while now, and with the release of his OTW card, I figured it was a good time to take a closer look at time. In this review, I'll be reviewing the NIF, and giving my thoughts on whether or not the OTW SBC is worth completing.

In-Game Stats

Quincy Promes is one of the few players where what you see in is overall rating is what you get -- he's not affected by "International Reputation", so his stats accurately reflect his 82 rating.

He's already got great pace, so I chose to focus on his shooting, dribbling and physicality:

Marksman is one of my preferred chemistry styles in this game, and it's easy to see why when you look at the boosts Promes gets. His four most important shooting stats go into the 80s, he gets a significant dribbling boost, and his aggression reaches 70.

Squad and Stats

In addition to being a super sub for me, I used Promes in this squad:

The squad goes to a 4231 in game, with Promes at either CAM or RCAM.

I took that team into 4 FUT Champs games (3 wins, 1 loss) and 4 Rivals games. Here are his stats after those games:

Games: 8

Goals: 5

Assists: 3

Now, in addition to these games, I've been using Promes' NIF card as a super sub for 20+ games. I don't have the exact stats on me, but after playing at most 20 minutes in each of those games, he had something like 6 goals and 6 assists.

Let's get into his pros and cons.


  • Pace: Plays to his pace stat. Ridiculously fast in game, and very difficult to catch. Everything you could want from a winger, and it's very effective from a super sub. His acceleration is especially crazy -- he can hit top speed in just a couple of steps, leaving any defender behind.

  • Dribbling: Feels more like 85+ in game. You don't notice the 78 balance at all, and he feels very smooth on the ball. First touch is good, and the close control is excellent.

  • Skill Moves: He's got the five-star skills, and he can execute them perfectly. He enters and exits skills very quickly, and the ball is kept under control the whole time.

  • Finishing: A good finisher from in and around the box. He can hammer it near- or far-post, finesse it from an angle, or pull off delicate chips, Doesn't miss sitters, and he's consistent when in front of goal.

  • Shot Power: I have to mention his shot power -- in the cases where his finishing can fail him, his shot power doesn't. He absolutely thumps them.

  • Short Passing and Crossing: Great during link up play. He can play short passes pretty consistently, and his crossing is great too -- I just wish heading was more consistent this year.

  • Jumping: A strange one, but he does get pretty high up, allowing him to win long balls and goal kicks.

  • Stamina: Not the best, but not an issue at all. He can put in a solid shift for the full 90 minutes, and even into extra time.

  • Weak Foot: Feels like a four-star weak foot. Scores with his left when he has to, and the passing on his weaker side is just slightly worse than on his stronger side.


  • Physicality: Ignore the stats in game - he's very weak. Doesn't put up much of a fight when he's challenged, and he's going to lose the vast majority of his 50-50 challenges.

  • Long Passing: Probably my fault for not using the Deadeye on him, but I didn't find his long passing to be too great. He's not able to play great through balls for the strikers or wingers, and any passes beyond 15-20 yards are a little wayward. I feel like a Deadeye chemistry style might remedy this.

  • Positioning: Just doesn't make the runs by himself. If you want Promes to get into goal scoring positions, you'll have to trigger the runs yourself. It's quite frustrating, especially when he's standing next to a large pocket of space without making any attempt to run into it. However, when you do trigger the runs, he's great.

  • Links: Just like with Bruno Fernandes (check out my review on him!) , the links are an issue. To get the most out of this card, you need the chemistry boosts to kick in, but that means starting him. It's not too hard to do so, but it's not the easiest thing in the world. As a super sub, all these pros and cons still hold, but you really need the shooting and dribbling boosts to take him to the next level.


If you're only on the market for his NIF, then it's a no-brainer -- for less than 2K, you get a game-changing super sub. He's electric on the ball, his shooting seems a lot higher than his card stats say, his dribbling is excellent, and he's got the weak foot and skills to pay the bills. I'd highly recommend everyone to get him and stick him on the bench. You could also absolutely work him into your starting XI - I'm using him alongside Malen and Bergwijn, and they tear most defenses apart. Promes isn't a world beater, and there are absolutely better LWs out there, but he's still pretty good.

As for the OTW, I do think it's worth it. It'll set you back around 35K (if you have nothing in your club), which does seem steep for an 82-rated player in a less popular league, but it's not overpriced when you consider what this card could become. Promes is electric IRL, and he's already notched up 9 goals and 3 assists for club and country this year (including a midweek hattrick which should have resulted in an IF card). If this card gets just one upgrade, you'll be looking at a player with 80+ shooting and passing, 93 pace, 85 dribbling and 75 physical -- that's a 35K card for sure. And the way he's playing, he looks set to rack up at least a couple of upgrades along the way.


Overall Rating: 7.5/10 - Not quite on Malen's level, but still one of the best players in the Eredivise. As a super sub, he reminds me a lot of Lozano in past years. Definitely worth the pick up, especially for his price.

Value for Coins: 10/10 for the NIF, 8/10 for the OTW - You can't go wrong spending 2K on his normal card, and IMO, the 35K for the OTW card is a worthwhile risk when you consider how good any upgraded cards could be.

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