85 Bruno Fernandes FIFA 20 Player Review

Today, I'll be looking at one of my favorite players in FUT 20 so far -- 85 Bruno Fernandes!

In-Game Stats

Bruno Fernandes was one of the first purchases I made this year, and has been in every team I've used this year. He's a little tricky to link up, so I've been playing him on 8 Chemistry (with around 20 games on 10 chem). Even without receiving any chemistry boosts, Bruno has some crazy IG stats:

Some highlights here include: * 81 Positioning

  • 89 Shot Power

  • 88 Long Shots

  • 85+ in all his passing stats

  • 87 Ball Control

  • 92 stamina

  • Four-star/Four-star combination

I've been using the Marksman chemistry style on him, which, even on 8 chemistry, gives him some solid boosts:

Squad and Stats

I currently use Bruno in this squad:

I switch to one of 4231, 41212(2) or 4321 in-game, with Bruno playing central CAM in the first and RCM in the second and third.

Here are my stats with Bruno -- I've been (kind of) keeping track of his goals in SBs, and he averages just over a 1.5 goal contributions per SB game, meaning his record in Rivals is similar.

Let's get into the review!


  • Pace: Feels like 80+, and that's without boosting it at all. More than fast enough for a CAM or CM -- he's got the pace needed to get away from his man, and to quickly accelerate into spaces from which he can pass or shoot.

  • Finishing: Immaculate finishing in and around the box. He's super consistent in front of goal -- you can finesse them, blast them in, or hit them low and hard, and he'll score them all. He usually gets one or two decent chances in a game, and he almost always puts them all away.

  • Positioning: Makes really good runs from deep, behind the defensive line, and into the box. Bruno has a tendency to find little pockets of space from which he can cause the most damage, whether it's a defense-splitting ball or a powerful finish. You don't even need to trigger his runs - the moment you gain possession, he's on the move. He'll appear right next to any loose balls, right in the middle of any open space, or just behind the last defender. One of the highlights of this card, IMO.

  • Shot Power: Awesome. Just awesome. His feet are like cannons, and he absolutely hammers the ball whenever he gets the chance. No pea-rollers or scuffed shots here - when Bruno hits it, it stays hit. Even his delicate chips or finesse shots are hit with some amount of venom.

  • Passing: Perfection. He's got 85+ in every passing stat, and it absolutely shows. Super consistent short and long passing, well timed through balls, decent crosses, and an awesome amount of curve.

  • Free Kicks: My favorite part of this card. He scores free kicks like they are penalties. Aim them at the corner, power up, and time them to the yellow or green mark (no need to add any spin), and he's going score more often than not. A fantastic asset for any team.

  • Dribbling and Ball Control: Feels great on the ball. His agility and balance are good, but where he shines is in his first touch, his close control, and his ability to control the ball even at full sprint. A very, very solid dribbler. Even with how overpowered contain is this year, he's able to wiggle past and get through on goal.

  • Defending: Obviously, he's not going to cut it as a CDM. But as a CAM or CM, his 60-odd defending is more than enough to recover the ball high up the field, and allow him to dispossess defenders if they dawdle on the ball.

  • Stamina: 92 stamina means that he's sprinting even in the 90th minute. He's making runs right at the death, sprinting into open spaces, and he can hassle and harry opponents all game long.

  • Weak Foot: Honestly, feels like a five-star weak foot. I never hesitate to pull the trigger if I'm on his left, regardless of whether it's a pass or a shot or how hard it will be to pull off. If he can do it on his right, he can basically do it on his left. It's a fantastic attribute to have, especially in an offensive player, and it makes him unpredictable and unstoppable.

  • Skill Moves: Can't go wrong with the four-star skills. Five-star would make him the best card on the game, but with four, he can still cause so much damage.


  • Strength: It's his only real con, and it's not even that bad. With the Marksman, he has 70+ strength and aggression, which means he can bully weaker midfielders, forwards and wingers. He will lose out to the most powerful opponents, but he holds his own against those with 75-80 physicality.

  • Links: Not an issue with the card itself, but he's quite tough to link up. You can go with a Portuguese squad around him -- I get him onto 8 chem by using Nelson Semedo on 8 chem, and there are nice options in Joao Felix, Cancelo and Ronaldo to surround him with -- or a Liga NOS team (which also has some nice options -- Acuna is insane, Telles is amazing).


As you can tell, I absolutely love this card. IMO, he might be the best CAM you can get in this game. Almost no players have the combination of stats this man has - he's got absolutely everything you could want in an attacking-minded midfielder. He's incredibly versatile, and fits virtually any playstyle.

Like fast, countering attacking football? He's your man.

Possession-based play? He can hold the ball better than anyone.

Love the long ball? Bruno can play them with ease.

He's honestly the man for all seasons, and I cannot recommend him enough. I've been running him on 8 chemistry, and he's been destroying it for me, so I can't even imagine the damage he'll do on 10.


Overall Rating: 9.5/10 - Even if this card cost 50k, or 100k, it would still be value for money. He absolutely blows opponents away. His passing, his shooting, his dribbling and his power are all too much for anyone to handle. I could genuinely see this man staying in my team until well past TOTY at this rate.

Value for Coins: 11/10- All of this for 7k? This is the definition of value for money. You're not going to find comparable midfielders for even 10 times the price (you'd probably have to go up to KDB to find someone better than him).

If you have suggestions for who I should review next, drop them in the comments below, or tweet the to me (@Wookiechew23)!

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