Zidane confirmed as FIFA 20 Icon, Ultimate Edition cover star

A French superstar will grace the cover of the third and final launch version of the "FIFA 20" cover, but no it won't be Kylian Mbappe.

World Cup winner, La Liga and Serie A title holder, and 01/02 Champions League medalist Zinedine Zidane won't just be a new Icon in FIFA Ultimate Team 20, but he'll also serve as the cover star for the third and final version of the game, the so-called Ultimate Edition. The Ultimate Edition comes a relatively steep increase of $40 vs the standard version, but also includes 24 Rare Gold Packs (2 per week for 12 weeks), a roughly $120 value. Those that pre-order it before 5 August will also get an untradeable Ones to Watch item when that program goes live.

Zidane, to those more acclimated with him as a fiery three time consecutive Champions League winning manager, was one of the more physically imposing midfielders in his time. Despite standing "just" 6'1 (185cm), Zidane played somehow even bigger, and his rare mix of athleticism and strength allowed him to do things as a box-to-box midfielder we just hadn't seen at the time he was doing them. It's tough to find a perfect modern analogue for his game because they don't just grow players of that class on a tree.

Here's the full FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition cover:

One big question remains: will he get a 5 * /5 * combo, and what will his versions' ratings be?

Another piece of news worth digesting was a little hint in the caption on the EA SPORTS' official FIFA Instagram post announcing the Zidane news: FIFA 20 will contain nearly 90 Icons, which would represent almost 20 new ones. With the new ones we've already seen, who else do you think we'll be getting?

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