Icon Andrea Pirlo confirmed for FIFA 20. Zidane next?

FIFA 20 Icon hype engaged.

Just two hours after the first Ones to Watch were officially announced for FIFA Ultimate Team 20, EA revealed Andrea Pirlo would be returning to FIFA after a one year absence, now with Icon chemistry. It's still not confirmed at this time whether the poorly received (and equally ineffectively rolled out) Prime Icon Moments will be back in FUT 20, but whether there's 1, 3, 4 or some entirely different setup in this year's coming title, Pirlo will absolutely be one of them.

Pirlo's best rated Ultimate Team player item to this point has been a 91 End of an Era he received after announcing his retirement from MLS' New York City FC following the 2018 campaign. That card had 78 Pace, 80 Shooting, 99 Passing, 89 Dribbling, 73 Defense, and 70 Physical. Of course it was crippled by the algorithmic upgrade system EA's used the entirety of the current next-generation era, but the lack of Stamina won't be a problem in the individually configured Icon versions.

To us, the make or break for Pirlo will be work rates and the effectiveness of passing metrics. If they are as relatively uncorrolated with actual passing mechanics as they were in FIFA 19, Pirlo will be undersized (just 5'10/177cm), and pending a major sea change in gameplay, won't fit any potential high-level meta.

Of course the other major Icon news -- or at least FIFA community generated "news" -- was the discovery that an asset on EA's official FIFA 20 site very much resembled a certain other potential FUT 20 Icon:

It was also discovered that the EA Instagram account followed Zinedine Zidane earlier Friday:

It'd be one heck of a coincidence, but the smoke is almost certainly there. He'd also make a worthy third and final cover star, if the visual clues are barking up the right tree.

So what say you? What are you rating different versions of a Pirlo Icon? What about Zidane if he is in fact in the game? We should know more this coming Wednesday, 31 July as EA's announced there'll be more information to come as soon as then.

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