Everything you need to know about FIFA's FUTTIES 19

FUTTIES, FIFA Ultimate Team's annual near-end-game community celebration, is back for another go. While some of the SBC voting mechanisms from years past weren't exactly loved or heralded, that's been refreshed a touch. And some of the better parts of FUTTIES 18 are back to give those still grinding FUT 19 even more to do.

From 3 July to 14 August, voting is back, but now powered by FIFA 19's Player Pick Packs. Every week for the first five weeks of the campaign, you'll be able to log in on select days and receive a free Player Pick pack. Whichever player you select as a one match base-rated loan item -- mostly based around popular players from the past year -- will count as your vote. The winners will then be released as an upgraded FUTTIES Winner SBC (though to clarify, the existing nominee loan item will not upgrade when that drops). We'll add the nominees (and subsequent winners) on FH's latest players section as they arrive.

If the upgraded player items are fairly priced and/or lucrative rewards-wise (which based on the last couple Flashback/EOE SBCs have us optimistic), those still sitting on coins or looking to experiment with some new players as the game approaches obsolencence should have some fun opportunities on their hand.

The rest of the promo is a mix of promos prior, both literally and figuratively:

Best of packs/re-releases

A numer of the best special items from FUT 19 (excluding TOTY) will see new life during the FUTTIES promo. Over the course of the next month, three waves of special items, totalling some 200+ players per go, will be put back into packs. The recent rather reasonably priced African Nation SBCs are a great example of some of those worth stacking, assuming the drop rates mirror the Bests of from last year, which saw special items in more packs than not.

You can check out who all's in the first batch of players here. The second will drop 17 July with a third -- basically a best of the the best ofs -- following on 31 July.

Best of SBCs

We all elected to skip an SBC or two this year we wish we'd done (Flashback David Luiz? Ibra?). Now we might just have the chance.

A selection of the more popular/highest-completion-rate-having SBCs will be re-released with new requirements throughout the promo. Be sure to check Futhead's SBC section daily as they'll be dropping at 6 p.m. UK more often than not.

Reward packs

Based on how many times you've logged into FUT since launch, you'll be eligible to receive a reward pack corresponding to those at the beginning of the promo. You'll have the entirety of the promo to login and claim your pack if you've earned one.

Weekly Objectives

In the biggest non-voting pivot in this year's FUTTIES, each Friday new FUTTIES players will be made available via Weekly Objectives. The specifics aren't immediately known, but we should have a better idea when the first batch drop 5 July.

There's no word on Weekend League rewards as of just yet, but stay tuned to community manager Gabriel Zaro on Twitter and former FH contributor turned EA employee Jamey, aka the FUT Economist, for potentially more on that front -- Best Of player picks would certainly make sense though.

If you're already on to bigger and better things, this promo probably isn't earth shattering enough to get you back on the horse (if you're not a total pack addict or ardent collector you might suppose), but for those still enjoying their FUT, it's something to keep you engaged the next couple weeks. Any SBCs of yesterday you're hoping make a cheeky return? Or any player categories you're hoping FUTTIES revisit that maybe you enjoyed in a previous FIFA?

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