92 Steven Gerrard Prime Icon Moments FIFA 19 Player Review

Today, we're reviewing one of my more anticipated players to take a look at for FIFA 19: the 92-rated Prime Icon Moments Steven Gerrard.

For those of you who don't know, Steven Gerrard is my all-time favorite player. I used his 91-rated Prime Icon card for over 560 games, and it was a card I enjoyed immensely. When the Prime Moments was announced, I convinced myself to hold off until he had an SBC, and as soon as the SBC dropped, I sold on my 91, stuck Nedved into the "Iconic" section, and completed it.

In this review, I will not only be reviewing the 92 Prime Icon Moments, but I will also be comparing it to the 91 Prime card, so that you can see if this new one is worth the price difference. The Prime Icon Moments SBC comes in at around 1.4 million, and the Prime currently sells for around 800k.

In-Game Stats

This Prime Icon Moments Gerrard finally joins the "Gullit Gang." He has one of the most well-rounded items in the game, with no in-game stats coming in at below 70, with only 7 stats below 80.

I boosted all his stats using the Basic chemistry style, which pushes his jumping and sliding tackle into the 80s, and also gives his agility a nice boost.


I've been running Gerrard in this squad:

I switch to a 4-1-2-1-2(2) in game, with Gerrard playing in the CDM position. I use my CDM as more of a box-to-box midfielder, so Gerrard gets involved in all aspects of the game.


Here are my stats with Gerrard:

Games: 22

Goals: 7

Assists: 10

Let's get into his pros and cons.


  • Pace: You can't ask for more from a CM/CDM. With just the Basic chemistry style, it was more than enough, so I can't imagine what he'll be like with a pace boost. Definitely a step up from his 91-rated Prime.

  • Shooting: I'm grouping all his shooting stats together since he's equally good at basically all of them. His long shots and shot power are insane, and he scores some absolute bangers from distance. He's got great attacking positioning, so he's constantly making runs into good positions. His finishing is very good too, so when he does get into the box, he's got a good chance to score. When I had his Prime, he played as a CM, and he was a prolific goal scorer -- I can see this card doing the same, especially since the shot power and long shots are noticeably better.

  • Passing: Perfection. I had no issues with any aspect of his passing. The vision is immaculate, short and long passing is flawlessly executed, and thanks to his pace, he can get into wide positions from which he's capable of bending in great crosses. There's no real difference between the passing stat on this card and the Prime.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: Perfect first touch, and he keeps the ball under close control when he runs with it. He can hit top speed without letting the ball get away from him. There is a definite improvement on this card compared to the Prime.

  • Composure: Feels good in game. Rarely misplaces passes, and he scores most chances I expect him to score -- if you get him into a good position, and he uses his strong foot, he'll do the job. Another improvement on his Prime.

  • Defensive Ability: Combine long legs with great tackling stats, and you've got a player who reaches around this opponents to steal the ball away from them. He's not on Vieira or Fabinho's level, but his tackling is still immense, and he more than does the job as a CDM. His interception stat isn't the highest, but his high stamina and pace means that he makes up for it by covering a lot of ground and getting in the way of many passes.

  • Physicality: He's got decent jumping, and incredible strength and aggression. He doesn't get bullied in any aspect of the game -- he's rarely outjumped and beaten in the air, and when to comes to challenges or 50-50 duels, he mostly comes out on top. It's just he was IRL -- this card captures his indomitable spirit.

  • Stamina: He does it all game long. No issues here -- he can be pretty tired at the end of games, but it doesn't hurt his effectiveness. A definite improvement on the Prime.

  • Work Rates: What you want from a box-to-box midfielder. He spends most of the game in the middle of the park, dictating the play, but he frequently makes runs forward and always gets back to stop attacks. High/High might be too much of a drain on his stamina, so IMO, High/Medium is perfect.


  • Weak Foot: My big issue with this card. The three-star weak foot doesn't really hamper his passing -- for some reason, he's still decent on his left -- but it does hurt his shooting. It means that he misses sitters in the box on his left, and his long shots are limited to his right foot. If he had a four or even five star weak foot, he'd be unstoppable.

  • Agility and Balance: Doesn't feel especially clunky in-game, but he does have times when he's a little slow on the turn. It should be noted that I didn't boost these stats as much as I could have, and I have a feeling that doing so would fix this issue. His ball control and dribbling are great, and his pace is fantastic, so it definitely helps cancel out any clunkiness. This is absolutely an improvement from his Prime, but still could be better.

  • Skill Moves: You don't need more than three-star skills for a CDM, but it would be nice for a CM. However, Gerrard are so well-rounded and dominant that his three-star skills aren't really an issue.


I love this card. He is a step up from his Prime, and he's an absolute tank in-game. Of course, he's no Gullit or Vieira, but I'd say that he's better than any other central midfield Icon in this game. Arguments can be made for Matthaus (he's just too short for me) or Ballack (he feels like a truck with a flat tire, so use him at your own peril), but he does blow everyone else I've tried away. And when you consider just how expensive Matthaus, Vieira and Gullit are, this card really does look like very good value.

What I love most about this card is how he can do everything. Without any chemistry style boosts, he's still fast, he's got one of the best shots in the game, his passing is virtually perfect, his dribbling is great for a CM/CDM, he can defend as well as most CDMs, and he's a tank in game. That gives you a great platform on which to customize this card - stick a shadow to get a game-beating CDM, an Engine will fix any issues you have with his dribbling, a Hawk or Marksman will make him even better in front of goal. This card can do everything - he can play in any position on the field, and play it well.

Do I recommend him? Absolutely. He's the all-action midfielder my team needs, and he'll be around for the rest of FUT 19. Is he worth it? IMO, yes -- you can't get an Icon midfielder better than him for his price.

Overall Rating: 9.25/10: This is a phenomenal, phenomenal central midfielder, who will do everything you need a player to do. I wish he had a better weak foot and better skill moves, and I wish his agility and balance were slightly higher, but he really does do the job.

Value for Coins: 8.5/10: For his price, you're not going to find a better Icon central midfielder. Of course, if you look outside the Icons you will, but for an Icon of this quality, he's very well priced.

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