92 Prime Icon Moments Sócrates FIFA 19 Player Review

Today, we look at one of the most highly anticipated Prime Icon Moments: the 92-rated Socrates.

Socrates' SBC dropped Friday to mark the beginning of the Carniball promo. The SBC currently costs around 1.9 million on both consoles, making it the most expensive Icon SBC to be released so far. He does have a loan card out, so you can unlock that and give it a try.

In-Game Stats

Here are Socrates' in-game stats:

Highlights including 91 Finishing, 99 Shot Power and Long Shots, 95 Vision, 99 Ball Control and Composure, 89 Heading, 95 Stamina and 86 Strength.

I used the Marksman chemistry style on him, giving him these boosts:


For a player of Socrates' quality, I figured I should roll out the God Squad - here's the team I used him in.

In-Game, I switched to the 4231 where Socrates played as a CCAM, a wide CAM (on both the left and right), or as a the striker.


Here are my stats with Socrates:

Games: 10

Goals: 16

Assists: 4

That's right - in ten Division 2 games, Socrates average 2 goal contributions per game. And that's without forcing the ball to him. That should give you an idea of what this review is going to be like.


  • Pace: Even without boosting the pace, he was fantastic. 85 Pace on a player this tall, who has exceptional agility, is something to be feared. He feels closer to 90 in-game, thanks to his long stride and speed dribbling.

  • Positioning: Always in the right place at the right time, whether it was for a header, a rebound, a long range banger, or a clever through ball. Absolutely perfect.

  • FInishing: 99 with the Marksman, and it showed. He was unmatched inside the box. I was especially impressed with his low driven shots -- they were consistently in the bottom corners, whether I timed them or not, or finessed them or not.

  • Shot Power: Along with Seedorf and TOTY Ronaldo, the best I've ever used in that department. He hits the ball so hard and fast, most of his goals see the ball reach the net before the keeper has had the time to complete (or even attempt) a save animation.

  • Long Shots: A threat from anywhere within 30 yards. He can laser them home from distance without too much difficulty. I found the 1-2 with the striker in the 4231 was especially effective -- he'd make the pass 30 yards out, run onto it when it was around 25 yards out, and hammer one home.

  • Passing: Perfection. All his passing stats are over 90, and it shows in game. He has all the vision you could possibly need, so no pass is beyond him, and he has the passing stats to execute them perfectly. Even his crossing was one of the best I've used.

  • Agility: Wow. If you've used Zlatan, you'll know how deadly a big man with good agility can be. Socrates makes Zlatan look like a boy, probably because his balance is so much better. He's incrediblly agile, and it makes his skill moves even more deadly.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: Virtually perfect. First touch is on point 100% of the time, dribbling is incredible even when he is at top speed. I loved dribbling with him.

  • Composure: 99 Composure. He scored everything I expected him to, and made every pass I asked of him. This man has ice running through his veins.

  • Heading Accuracy and Jumping: A tremendous aerial threat. He's 6'4, with 81 Jumping (with the marksman) and 89 Heading Accuracy, so he has everything you possibly want from a player. Throw in his strength and great positioning, and he's one of a kind.

  • Stamina: Basically perfect. He could run up and down the field all game long, and still be fine at the end. As an attacking player who doesn't track back, he can be sprinting even in the 90th, making him a defenders nightmare.

  • Strength and Aggression: An absolute tank. With the Marksman, he has 91 Strength and 83 Aggression, and to be quite honest, he feels even stronger in game (thanks to his height and pace). He cannot be dominated, he essentially cannot be bullied -- you'll need TOTY Van Dijk or Gullit to stop Socrates.

  • Skill Moves: He has the four-star skill moves that I love so much, and thanks to his great dribbling and incredible physicality, he can really make the most of them.

  • Weak Foot: As if he wasn't good enough, he's got the 5-star weak foot. This is what makes him one of the best players in the game. If he had a three- or four-star weak foot, he'd still be up there, but with the five-star weak foot, he's truly unstoppable.


  • Balance: There's only one con with this card, and it's his balance. You could try to boost it, but I doubt it would result in much of an improvement. However, it's only noticeable at times in-game, thanks to his incredible agility, dribbling and strength, so it's not even much of a con.


This card is almost perfect. I think he's easily the joint third best card I've used this year (along with TOTY De Bruyne), and behind only TOTY Ronaldo and TOTY Mbappe. If his balance was slightly better (maybe around 75?), he would be the ultimate card. But ignoring that con, this card has it all. He's an incredible striker, center forward; the ideal central or wide attacking midfielder. He's even going to dominate as a central midfielder or as a winger. There is nothing this card cannot do, and there's no way to stop him when he gets going. He is absolutely and utterly ridiculous.

But is he worth it? I've been saving up every coin I have for a Prime Icon Moments Gerrard, who is my favorite player of all time. But I will be spending everything I have to get Socrates -- he's that good. For 1.9 million, not counting the numerous packs you get back, you are getting one of the best cards in the game. I do not think you will get a better card than him all year, so he is someone I am happy to sink my coins into. In fact, for 1.9 million, I do not think you can currently get a better card than Socrates.

That being said, and 2 million coins is a lot of money. If you have a decent team, and you are looking for the final piece of the puzzle, look no further than Socrates. He will single-handedly win you games, and will, over time, repay his cost through the games he wins you. But if you are still building a strong team, and 2 million is all you have left, just hold onto those coins for now - he'll undoubtably come down in price, and if you wait until TOTS, there will be comparable cards for cheaper.

Overall Rating: 9.9/10 - Almost, almost perfect.

Value for Coins: 8.5/10 - For what he can do, he's appropriately priced. But he's still really expensive, and for 1.9 million, you could build a really strong team instead.

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