92 Prime Icon Moments Clarence Seedorf FIFA 19 Player Review

This evening we're looking at the Prime Icon Moments Clarence Seedorf. Seedorf's SBC dropped about a week and change ago, and I completed his loan so I could try him out. His actual untradeable SBC will set you back around 1.4 million, and includes the submission of another Icon (i.e. Nakata).

In-Game Stats

Seedorf has some incredible in-game stats:

Some of the highlights include 94 Shot Power, 95 Vision, 94 Short Passing, 95 Reactions, 94 Ball Control and 87 Strength.

I used the Marksman chemistry style on him:


I used Jovic in this squad to better match up against higher Division rated squads:

As I mentioned in my sMOTM Chiesa review, I rearrange the squad in game, with Chiesa going to LCAM, Ronaldo to RCAM, Seedorf to CCAM, Jovic to ST, and Gerrard and SMS to CDMs. Seedorf also spent two games as a RCM in the 41212(2).

I'm not sure if I'll get to reviewing Cannavaro, so here's a brief summary of him for those interested: He's an exceptional CB, and his jumping and defensive abilities are so good that his height doesn't matter that much. He's super quick, very agile, and has some of the best defending stats you'll use this year. I was blown away by him, and he's someone that I cannot recommend enough. For his price, he should be someone you work towards all year. He's absolutely a TOTY level card, and well worth the price.


Here are my stats with PIM Seedorf:

Games: 10

Goals: 6

Assists: 14

Let's get into his pros and cons.


  • Shot Power: Wowzers. Oh man, what a shot this card has. He absolutely blasts them. Amongst the very best I've used this year, and that's saying something.

  • Finishing: Decent from inside the box. He's got a killer power shot, and his finesse shots weren't too bad either. The issue was he didn't get into too many finishing positions, but when he did, he scored them.

  • Long Shots: Got really unlucky with some of his shots, and he hit the woodwork more than any player I've reviewed, but when he did score them, they were things of beauty.

  • Passing: An exceptional passer of the ball. His great vision means that he can thread perfect through balls all game long, and his long and short passing were both immaculate. His crossing was fantastic too -- in the two games I had him as a RCM, he registered four crosses that Jovic and Chiesa put away.

  • Balance: Virtually impossible to knock over in-game. You have to physically bring him down to stop him, and he recovers from impossible angles to regain his balance.

  • First Touch and Dribbling: Perfect. Incredible close control, a perfect first touch, and his ball control is fantastic. Everything you can ask for from a midfielder in this game.

  • Defending: For a CAM, it's very decent. This wouldn't be a pro if I had him as a CM for all the games, and it would definitely be a con if I used him as a CDM (without boosting his defensive stats).

  • Strength and Aggression: An absolute bull dog. He's really hard to dispossess, and he goes into every challenge with a very good chance of winning it. His strength and aggression are high enough for him to hold off enough the most tenacious midfielders and defenders.

  • Skill Moves: He's got the all-important four-star skills, which is all you can ask for in an attacking midfielder.


  • Height and Aerial Ability: In a game where heading has become an incredibly important part of the meta, Seedorf struggles to make an impact. As a midfielder, you will need him to win some headers, and he cannot do that. He's tiny in game, and his jumping doesn't feel too great. It limits his effectiveness as a middle CAM (he won't win any goal kicks or long balls), and as a CM, he's going to need a tall partner. He also feels like he might be a liability as a CDM - his defending isn't too great, even when boosted, and the jumping and height would be the final nail in the coffin.

  • Agility: It's strange to say this, but he feels stiff. He's got incredible ball control and dribbling, but his agility just isn't that great. He's not super nimble, and he's not quick in and out of skill moves. You definitely feel that he has 76 agility in game, which is not what you want with a 92-rated attacking player. I could have boosted it further, but doing so would have reduced how much I could focus on improving his finishing (which is lacking without a chem boost).

  • Pace: This is a strange con, because for me, 82 pace would usually be enough. But without boosting it, he didn't feel fast. His acceleration felt lacking, and his agility certainly doesn't help here. My issue is that if you were to boost his pace, you'd have to neglect some of his other stats, and those do need a boost. I think the combination of his shorter stride, his lower agility, and his average acceleration make him feel slower than he actually is.

  • Stamina: For a winger, striker or defender, 86 stamina is enough. But to be competitive in this game, his 86 stamina is not good enough. He gets tired even as a CAM (as his M/M workrates drag him all over the field), and as a CM, he's dead in the 75th minute. I can't even imagine using him as a Kante-esque defensive midfielder.

  • Weak Foot: At times, felt like a three-star. It definitely didn't feel like the five-star weak foot that Seedorf deserves, and at times, it resulted in shots being fired wide or passes being mishit.

  • Wow-Factor: A very subjective con, but I didn't feel the wow-factor when it came to Seedorf. He scored a couple of bangers for me, and cut open the defense at times, but he wasn't game-changing. He was bullied in the midfield a lot, he didn't make the greatest runs into the box to score goals, and his strikes from outside the box only resulted in a couple of goals. His dribbling was elegant, but it didn't break teams down. His defending was meh, and even with a boost, I don't see his tackling or marking being up to scratch. His workrate was good, but he didn't cover the whole field like the Seedorf I loved did IRL, so his impact was limited to the final third. Seedorf was an important part of the team, but far from the star.


Don't get me wrong -- Seedorf is really good card. He's better than 90% of the cards in this game, and 95% of the cards in his position. But he doesn't feel like the finished product the way you'd expect. If you use him without any boosts, you're going to have issues with his pace, his finishing, his agility, his defensive stats, his physicality, and his aerial ability. As an attacking midfielder, I focused on his finishing. dribbling and physicality, and that left significant issues in other departments. You may choose to plug other holes, but no matter what you do, there will continue to be issues with this card.

IMO, this card does not do Seedorf justice. I loved Il Professore, and he changed the way I saw the game. This card is a shadow of what he was -- it doesn't capture the all-action, two-footed, force of nature that was Clarence Seedorf. If you loved him, you can get this card and still have a lot of fun with it, but I personally won't be getting it. I don't think it's worth it, and I also don't think it's a significant step up from his Prime card.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 - He's very good, but not great. As a CAM, he's upper tier. As a CM, he's much better than average, but not game-breaking. And don't play him at CDM.

Value for Coins: 5/10 - Not worth it, unless this is the only card you want this year. His Prime is close enough in its ability, and much cheaper, and there will be future Prime Icon Moments that will be better than him for the same price or cheaper.

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