86 SIF Luka Jovic FIFA 19 Player Review

Today, we're looking at the 86-rated SIF Luka Jovic, who was released as part of not this week's TOTW but last week's: TOTW 24. Jovic has set the Bundesliga alight this season, and this is his second inform, his third special card (he has an 88-rated Future Stars Card), and his first card to be released after his monstrous +5 Winter Upgrade.

In-Game Stats

Even without applying a chemistry style, Luka Jovic has some insane in-game stats.

The highlights include 87 Positioning, 91 Finishing, 95 Shot Power, 87 Agility, Ball Control and Dribbling, and 86 Reactions and strength.

I decided to use him with the Marksman chemistry style, giving him the following boosts.


I used Jovic in this squad to hold up against higher Division rated teams:

As I mentioned in my sMOTM Chiesa review, I rearrange the squad in game, with Chiesa going to LCAM, Ronaldo to RCAM, Seedorf to CCAM, Jovic to ST, and Gerrard and SMS to CDMs. Jovic also spent two games as a striker in the 41212(2), partnered with Chiesa.


Here are my stats with Luka Jovic:

Games: 10

Goals: 17

Assists: 2

When looking at these stats, it's important to remember that I was forcing the play to Chiesa, Jovic and Seedorf, and actively trying not to score with Ronaldo (I think CR7 picked up something like 22 assists in these 10 games).

Let's get into his pros and cons.


  • Pace: I didn't even boost his pace, and it was still great -- I think his agility definitely makes him feel faster in game. Give him a Hawk, and he'll be more than quick enough for even the most picky player.

  • Positioning: Always at the right place at the right time, whether it's for a header, to latch onto a through ball, or to be the first to a loose ball. His runs behind are exquisite, and his positional awareness was fantastic.

  • Finishing: 99 with the Marksman, and it showed in-game. He scored everything that came his way. Low-drivens, finesse shots, first-time efforts, and even long shots. Jovic was born to put the ball into the back of the net.

  • Shot Power: Just like Chiesa, he has ridiculous shot power. He doesn't even need a running start to blast one - he scored goals where he was standing still with the ball but was still able to blast it home without giving the keeper time to move. His shots are like rockets.

  • Volleys: A little shout-out to his volleys are necessary - I had two occasions where the cross came in too low for him to head it, and his solution was to rocket them home on the volley. Fantastic.

  • Short Passing: Jovic has surprisingly decent short passing and vision. It makes him great at build up play - if you get the ball to him, he can hold it up as long as you need, and then play a good ball through to your other players.

  • Agility: Feels incredible in-game. He's so nimble, and turns so easily. It's rare to find a player of his size and strength who can do this, and it's a truly deadly combination. Without any reliance on skill moves, he's able to tear defenses to shreds.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: His first touch leaves nothing to be desired -- it's perfect every time (especially when he receives a long ball). He's got great close control, which makes him even better as a target man. If you get the ball to him in and around the box, he's got the ability to hold onto it and move it around until he gets the space to play a pass or shoot.

  • Composure: Felt better than 82 in-game -- I don't think he missed an obvious chance in any of the games I used him.

  • Heading Accuracy: Perfect. If he won the aerial duel, he always got the header on target. He hit the woodwork a lot, and had a lot of chances denied by super saves -- otherwise, he might have got another 5 goals.

  • Jumping: Might have been a little lacking without a boost, but with the Marksman chemistry style, he is able to beat most in the air.

  • Strength: Immense. In all the games I used him, he was only beaten for strength a handful of times. His combination of pace and strength makes him an absolutely lethal player -- at top speed, he will knock anyone out of the way. His high strength also means that he can shrug most players off the moment they touch him (though he does get in trouble when he hold onto him for a while - more on that later).

  • Stamina: Had no issues -- he was able to play the full 90 and then some.

  • Weak Foot: This is what takes the card to the next level. He can do everything I mentioned above with both feet, and it makes him unpredictable and unstoppable. You can never close down Jovic, because if you give him a little space on either side, he's going to let one fly.


  • Aggression: A little on the low side for my liking. His high strength means that he can bully people off the ball, but his low aggression can undermine that at times. It's quite noticeable when he's stuck in a prolonged duel for the ball - he'll win the shorter duels (headers, rushing for the loose ball, charging down a defender), but when he's under pressure, he can give the ball up.

  • Balance: Not a big issue, but something you notice from time to time. Under a moderately heavy challenge, if he gets knocked off the ball, he will sometimes go down when you expect him to stay on his feet. Nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

  • Skill Moves: He does the job with his great dribbling and three-star skills, but this guy could benefit from the four-star skills. It would have added a whole new dimension to the threat he poses. He's definitely usable without them, but in a world with Zlatan, Lewa and Arnautovic (all big men with skill moves), it does mean he falls behind a little.


I really loved this card. I usually despise using players with less than four-star skills, but Jovic is so good at what he does. He's a goal-scorer, and and a damn good one at that.

What really blew me away about his card was how unstoppable he was: If you block him on his right, he'll score with his left, and vice versa. If you mark him tightly, and the only route to him is through hail mary crosses, he'll score the winning header. If you know how to stop fast strikers, he can play as a target-man and frustrate you to no end, and if you know can handle your Zlatans and Lewas, he can be as quick and nimble they can. This man can do it all. Do I recommend him? Absolutely. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Is he worth it? 100%. I've used him Future Stars card, and that was a force of nature -- this card is essentially the same. He's a little slower (but it's not too noticeable in game), but everything else is on par, and he's almost 200k cheaper. IMO, this is one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga, and completely on par with Lewa and Werner.

Overall Rating: 9/10 - As far as all-out strikers go, there are few better than Jovic. He's not the most skillful player in the game, but he's one of the most lethal. He has a couple of minor issues, but he's absolutely some you need to try out.

Value for Coins: 10/10 - You cannot go wrong by picking him up. At 35K, he's an absolute steal. He's basically his 88-rated Future Stars card, which goes for 150K+ more. Oh, and he's also one of the cheapest 86-rated IFs on the market, so he'll be super useful for SBCs, and his price is guaranteed to rise a bit.

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