84 sMOTM Federico Chiesa FIFA 19 Player Review

Today, we're looking at the newly released 2POTM Federico Chiesa. Chiesa has received a central position change, and comes out of packs as a striker.

In-Game Stats

At first glance, you might think Chiesa is just another low-rated special card whose main use is in SBCs. However, he has some great key stats:

For me, the highlights are 91 Acceleration, 88 Positioning, 93 Shot Power, 91 Agility, 88 Dribbling and 86 Stamina.

I used him as a wide CAM for 8 games, and therefore gave him the Deadeye chemistry style.

I then used him as a supporting striker (in the 41212(2)) for the last two games, and for those games, he got the Hawk chemistry style:


I used Chiesa in this squad:

I rearrange the squad in game, with Chiesa going to LCAM, Ronaldo to RCAM, Seedorf to CCAM, Jovic to ST, and Gerrard and SMS to CDMs.

For the final two games of the review, Chiesa played as left striker in the 41212(2), with Ronaldo behind him and Jovic up top.


Here are my stats with Chiesa:

Games: 10

Goals: 15

Assists: 4

Let's get into his pros and cons:


  • Pace: Even without boosting it, it's everything you could want in a CAM. He'll cause some serious havoc in the midfield if you use his fantastic acceleration correctly. If you boost his pace, he's got more than enough to cut it as a striker -- he'll get away from most defenders without too much difficulty.

  • Finishing: With the Deadeye, this was immaculate. Scored absolutely everything that I expected him to, and a couple more than that. I did force the play to him at times, but in his defense, he delivered. Even with the Hawk, he's a great finisher. His finesse shots are very reliable too - he's going to find the top corners when he gets the space, or he's going to force a corner.

  • Shot Power: So good that it deserves its own mention. He absolutely blasts them. This definitely makes his finishing even better, and it means that low drivens with this man are a cheat code. Get into position, power up, and watch him tear the back of the net. I absolutely think that shot power is one of the most important shooting stats you can have in this game, and this man definitely has it down.

  • Long Shots: A good long shot taker. Even from around 30 yards out, he poses a serious threat. Thanks to good finishing and great shot power, he can hit shots both at the near post and across the goal, and be reasonably confident that he's going to force a great save, hit the post and get a rebound, or find the back of the net.

  • Positioning: Makes really good runs. As a CAM, he's always getting in behind the fullback, or into the gap between the fullback and the center back. As a striker, he drifts between the defenders, and times his runs in behind really well. He was also really good at latching onto the loose balls and rebounds, either to slot them home or create an opportunity for others.

  • Short Passing: Great vision and short passing makes him a great man for build up play. Short passing is always on point, and he's good at threading the simpler through balls. He's especially good at the final ball -- he gets into pace, and then nails the pass to send Jovic or Ronaldo through on goal.

  • Crossing: Really good. Don't forget -- this guy is a winger by default. His crosses are powerful, accurate, and have a tonne of bend on them. It makes him really effective out wide, and it adds a whole other dimension to your game.

  • Agility and Balance: Fantastic. He's so nimble and quick on his feet, and he turns like a dream in game. He's not up there with the Mbappes and Neymars of the world, but he feels a lot better than you would expect an 84-rated player to.

  • Ball Control and Dribbling: Great first touch, great close control. He can keep the ball really close to his body, and it makes dribbling with him very enjoyable. Couple these stats with great agility, balance and acceleration, and you have a truly great dribbler.

  • Stamina: More than enough. He'll easily survive the 90 if you use him as a striker, and as long as you don't actively drag him back to defend every time, he'll be fine as a wide player.

  • Physicality: This pro comes with a caveat. If you stick the Hawk on him, he's great in this department - strong and aggressive enough to hold off most full backs and put up a fight against many center backs. If you don't, he can be a little lacking for some play styles. IMO, if you use him as a wide player, you can get away with his lack of physicality (he does have 71 Strength after all, and that's more than most wingers). But if you want to play him centrally, boost his physicality with a Hawk chemistry style -- once you do that, he turns into a bit of a monster.

  • Weak Foot: Great. He's not going to score any wonder goals on his left, and he's not really a threat with it when he's outside the box, but inside the box, he'll score without too much fuss. His passing (especially his crossing) is more than good enough on his left, so nothing to worry about there.

  • Skills: I need my wide players to have four-star skills, so he checks that box. His great dribbling and acceleration mean that he goes into and comes out of skills really quickly, and he never lets the ball get too far away from him.


  • Aerial Ability: He doesn't have any aerial ability. He can't jump, he can't win a header, and if he did, I think he's more likely to miss than score. So that's not too great, but here's the real question - why are you trying to score headers with a 5'9 player with 61 Jumping and 54 Heading Accuracy?

  • Long Passing: Can be an issue at times. He's definitely not going to be your main playmaker (he's not even close to good enough to do that), but as a wide CAM/winger his vision, short passing and crossing can do the job. He's still not going to make the more difficult through balls, and his long passing can be a bit wayward at times.

  • Reactions: Can be a little slow to react at times. He's not always the first to a loose ball, or the first to react after a 50-50 challenge. It can be a little annoying, but it only happens occasionally.

  • Composure: He won't miss sitters, but if he's under pressure in slightly tougher opportunities, he's going to miss them from time to time. Not the biggest issue in the world, but something worth mentioning.


I loved using this card. Is he an elite player? No. But he's a really good one. He's fun to use, he's effective, and most importantly for me, he was something new. He's quick, he's lethal, he's great on the ball, he's creative, and he has enough physicality to be a menace (IMO, if you use a Hawk, he feels quite strong).

I used him in Div 2 (I'm sitting at the low end of Div 2), and he was holding his own. He's no Mbappe or Ronaldo or Icon, but he's still really good, and he will get the job done for you. Considering he goes for 15K (which is what he discards for), he's 100% than worth trying out.

Overall Rating: 8.75/10 - Aside from a couple of issues, he's a really good card. He was a breath of fresh air for me, and he was both fun and effective.

Value for Coins: 10/10 - You will not get a better deal this year. Get him, try him out, and worst case, dump him for the same price you got him.

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