87 FUT Headliners Heung Min Son FIFA 19 Player Review

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Today we'll be looking at the new 87-rated Headliners Heung Min Son. One of the headliners (heh) of this event, Son receives this 87-rated card, which will be upgraded as he receives MOTMs and TOTWs throughout the rest of FUT 19.

I wasn't originally planning on reviewing any of these cards (the prices are too high and too unstable for me), but I packed a 7-game loan Sonaldo in an Ultimate Loan Pack! The review will be based on those games.

In-Game Stats

Son has some impressive in-game stats - the highlights include 91 stamina and dribbling, 90 acceleration and shot power, 89 finishing, positioning and ball control, and 87 reactions.

I used the Marksman chemistry style on him, giving him the following boosts:


I used Son as a striker in all 7 games, with him being the lone striker in 4 of the games, and part of a striking duo in the other 3. Here are his stats for me:

Games: 7

Goals: 11

Assists: 4

Let's get into his pros and cons.


  • Pace: Really good. Not Mbappe or Davies fast, but still really fast. I didn't even boost that pace, and I didn't find his pace to be lacking at all.

  • Finishing: An absolute machine. In and around the box, he's going to be deadly. You can finesse, power it up, keep it low and drive it in, flick it up and volley -- all of it is going in, or at the very least, forcing an incredible save. One of my top finishers this year.

  • Shot Power: Insanely good. The amount of power he gets behind a strike is crazy - he just blasts them. It doesn't matter if he's had a run up, or he's hitting them from a standing position - he'll hammer it either way. I find it especially useful now that low-drivens are back.

  • Long Shots: One of the few players this year that I can score long shots with. Power it up, and he'll hit the corners pretty consistently.

  • Ball Control: Great close control and first touch. This is really useful in tight situations, where you are trying to control the ball quickly before blasting a shot goalward.

  • Short Passing and Crossing: Short passing and crossing are really good - he can easily engage in build up play, and simple through balls or crosses aren't hard to pull off with him.

  • Stamina: Fantastic. He can go all game long without getting exhausted. You're never going to have to sub him off.

  • Skill Moves: It's always great to have the four-star skills on an attacking player, and that added unpredictability takes Son up a level. The skill moves are well executed, and he's relatively fast in and out of skills.

  • Weak Foot: The highlight of this card. He's equally good on both feet, and that makes him a truly elite goal scorer. You never have to think about which side you are on - you can do it all on either feet. This is really important in and around the box, where he can seize even the smallest opportunity to smash in a goal. It's also really important when it comes to his crossing - as the supporting striker in a duo, there were a lot of times when he drifted out wide, and then used that weak foot to whip a cross or pass back into the middle.


  • Aerial Ability: In a game where crossing has become a very effective way of scoring, I wish he was better in the air. He's going to win headers against shorter full backs, but he's not going to score against taller full backs and competent CBs. His jumping isn't that great, the heading accuracy is pretty poor (he missed a couple from 3-5 yards out with his head), and while he's 6-feet tall, it doesn't translate to his aerial presence. For this reason, I'd recommend staying away from a lone striker formation - let him be the producer of decent crosses instead of the man who scores them.

  • Strength and Aggression: Genuinely felt weak. Strength felt like it was in the 60s, aggression felt around there too. He got bullied A LOT. I don't think he won a duel against a CB, and he struggled to deal with even the weaker full backs.

  • Balance: He's not a bad dribbler, but I can't say he was great. Part of that comes down to the 79 balance combined with his taller frame- - he goes down pretty easily, and can be knocked off the ball by a slight shove. I just didn't find him to be an elite dribbler, and he was stiff at times.

  • Positioning: Makes some good forward runs at times, but he's out of position very often. It's fine when you start an attack in your own half, and he starts his run from the half way line, but it sucks when you recover position < 30 yards out from the goal. The majority of the time, he'll be chilling in line with, or even behind, the ball, and it will take him a while to get into position.

  • Long Passing: He's not nailing through balls or over-the-top passes. A lot of his attempts at long passing result in you losing possession, and your attacks being broken down.


He scores a lot of goals, and that weak foot is a game changer. As a supporting striker, he can cause some serious damage - he has the shooting stats to score whenever you need him to, and the passing needed to create chances. However, he's still limited in some pretty important categories - in a post Future Stars and TOTY world, you need your strikers to be stronger than Son is, and more capable in the air. As a result, he's pretty useless as a lone striker -- he's out of position, and easily dominated.

Do I think he's a good card? Of course- - he's a great card. He's a good goal scorer, and is incredibly hard to stop. But he's far from the best player out there, and I personally think that you can do better for cheaper. Son exists in this middle ground between a pure goal scorer and a technical player -- he's a jack of both trades, but a master of neither.

Is he worth it? IMO, not at all. 900k for this card? Absolutely not. If you really want to use Son, get his IF, which is 500-600k cheaper, and is only slightly worse. I can't see an 87-rated IF Son being worth 900k either (I think it'll be around 600k), so this card really isn't worth it. Save your money and put it elsewhere.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 - A very, very good card but with some significant weaknesses.

Value for Coins: 5/10 - Not worth it (IMO), unless you have a lot of money to burn.

If you have any questions/thoughts/feedback, or suggestions for who I should review next, tweet me at @Wookiechew23!

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