95 TOTY Virgil van Dijk FIFA 19 Player Review

Our fourth TOTY review is on the 95-rated TOTY Virgil Van Dijk. After a stellar 2018 which saw Van Dijk propel Liverpool first to Champions League final, and now to the top of the PL table, Van Dijk receives his first TOTY item.

In-Game Stats

Here are Van Dijk's in-game stats, relative to his 87-rated SIF. As you can see, this TOTY item is a significant boost on what was already one of the best and most broken defenders in the game.

I stuck the Shadow chem style on him, both to max out his defending, but also to make him one of the quickest defenders around.

Squad and Stats

I currently use VVD in this squad:

I play the 433(4) in-game, with Marcelo in the midfield and Casemiro at CB.

Here are my stats with VVD:

Games: 16

Goals: 4

Assists: 1


  • Pace: Really quick, even without the chemistry style. Stick the Shadow on him, and he's not getting outrun by ANYONE.

  • Passing: Excellent. Never misplaces a short pass. The long passing is fantastic, allowing him to play incredible long balls to relieve pressure or start attacks. His free kicks are magnificent -- he scored one for me from 30 yards, and hit the woodwork twice.

  • Agility: For a player of his height and physicality, it's fantastic. He can jockey most opponents, and he's not going to get wrong-footed if the other player changes direction suddenly. Much, much better than the SIF. I'd put it close to the agility you see on NIF Ramos (who is fantastic in this department).

  • Dribbling & Ball Control: Just like in real life, he's very composed on the ball, and makes no mistakes. His first touch and close control are perfect, and he can wiggle his way out of tight situation quite easily. The 99 Composure is fantastic too.

  • Defending: Perfection. Makes Kante seem like a Lovren. It seems like he's got five meter long legs -- he can tackle anyone the moment they get within a couple of yards of him. He's also great at tackling from behind without giving away fouls - he just wraps his legs around them to win the ball. His tackling is the best I've used this year. He never lets a player slip through the defensive line, and never lets your opponent get any space in the final third. Interceptions are on point too -- reads everything, and intercepts anything within a 5 meter radius of himself. It's ridiculous how good he is at defending.

  • Physicality: The strongest, most physical player you'll use this year. Wins every single header, wins every single duel, wins every single physical confrontation. Never loses a 50-50, no matter who it's against. Absolutely insane.

  • Aerial Ability: In the air, he's unmatched. If he connects with it from a corner, he's scoring. And you'll never have to worry about conceding crosses, as long as you leave him in position - he'll stop anyone from scoring that way.


  • Balance: Only one con, and it's a very minor one -- he doesn't turn like a truck any more, but he's not the quickest on the turn. As long as you don't commit too early, and instead wait for the opponent to get closer before jumping in, it's not an issue. I would still recommend pairing him with a agile CB who can cover any mistakes he makes. In all the games I used him, his balance only caused him to leak a single goal, so it's not the biggest issue in the world.


I love this item. His SIF was my favorite CB in the game, and this one is on another level. He stops everything that comes his way, he scores goals when you need him to, and he never makes mistakes. What more can you ask for from your CBs?

When you consider that the elite Icon CBs are all around or over a million coins, 1.5 million for VVD isn't all that much. I've only used the Icon CBs as loan items or in drafts, but I can safely say that he's better than any Icon I've used. Except for maybe TOTY Ramos and TOTY Varane, this is the best defender in the game.

Overall Rating: 9.9/10 - Basically the perfect CB. Stick an Engine on him to remove any issues I had with his balance.

Value for Coins: 10/10 - A significant boost over his SIF/RTTF final items, combined with the fact he's likely one of the three best CBs in the game, means that for ~1.5 million coins, he's well worth the pick up. I can see him hitting around 1.3 million by Saturday night or Sunday, so I'd strongly recommend picking him up then if he fits your squad -- you won't regret it.

Over the coming week, I'll be trying to review as many of the TOTY players as possible. If you have any questions/thoughts/feedback, or suggestions for who I should review next (both during TOTY and after this promo ends), tweet me at @Wookiechew23, or drop a comment below!

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