94 TOTY Marcelo FIFA 19 Player Review

Our third TOTY review is on a TOTY regular, the 94-rated TOTY Marcelo, who picks up his fourth consecutive TOTY item. Undisputably one of the best leftbacks in the game, Marcelo's performances for Real Madrid last season have earned his this 94-rated item (which is the lowest rated TOTY item in FUT 19).

In-Game Stats

As with all TOTY items this year, Marcelo has some ridiculous in-game stats:

I played Marcelo with the Anchor chemistry style for 5 games, and with the Marksman for the next 5. He was on 6 chem in the games, giving him the following boosts:

Squad and Stats

I used Marcelo in this side:

It becomes a 433(4) in-game, with Marcelo and Marcos Alonso switching positions as needed:

I used Marcelo as a LB for the first half of the first five games, and as a CM for the second halves and then for the last five games.

I know that Marcelo starts on 6 chemistry (7 with loyalty), but I maintain that I've never noticed a significant difference between a 6/7 chem player and a 9/10 chem one. That being said, I will keep that in mind when doing this review.

Here are my stats with Marcelo:

Games: 10

Goals: 5

Assists: 4

Just like with the other reviews, all games are in Division 2 (it's almost like using insane TOTY cards gives you the ability to reach and stay in a higher division!).

Let's get into the pros and cons.


  • Pace: Definitely feels faster than 90 Pace -- I'd say closer to 95, even without a boost to it. This due to the combination of his player model, incredible agility and balance, and his 90 base Pace stat. I had no issue with his pace -- he didn't get beaten even once down that left side in those 10 games, and his pace was good enough to take him past every opposition midfielder and a good number of opposition right backs.

  • Dribbling: Fantastic. Not Mbappe level, but very close. As good as Kante, IMO. He's so agile, so nimble, so elegant on the ball. He's impossible to wrong foot, because he recovers instantly. This is really important for a LB, since so many elite right wingers are incredibly agile - he dealt with all of them with ease. In the midfield, this agility and balance makes him incredibly difficult to stop -- he can just change direction the moment the opponent gets close to him, and he can easily side step a challenge. The ball is glued to his feet as he runs, so he almost never loses it, allowing you to go on mazy runs down the wing or through the middle of the park. Honestly, Marcelo's dribbling is everything you could want in a player.

  • Defending: Fantastic. With an Anchor, he gets 99 Interceptions, Sliding and Standing Tackles, as well as 90 Marking. He's a defensive machine. He reads every pass (much like Kante), and once he gets close enough to tackle, he's coming away with the ball 100% of the time. Sensational. Even without a defensive boost, his base defensive stats are good enough to make him one of the best defensive players in the game - he reads every play, wins every tackle. His defensive positioning isn't an issue either -- I know he has the H/L work rates and only 86 Marking, but if you set his instructions right, he'll never be out of position. Oh, and he's decent in the air too -- unless he's up against the tallest players, he's going to hold his own.

  • Strength/Aggression: Perfect. He has 86 Strength and 93 Aggression, but his body type in game makes him seem a lot stronger than he actually is. In those 10 games, there was only time when he was bullied off the ball, and that was by a 91 Vieira. He wins battles against any right wingers with ease, and in the midfield, he'll win the majority of 50-50 challenges. He's also incredibly hard to dispossess -- the combination of Strength, Aggression and great balance makes him a real bulldog.

  • Passing: More than enough for a central midfielder. Great vision and short passing, with more than decent long passing. Didn't misplace a ball for me in the middle of the park. Really good curve as well.

  • Crossing: Incredible. The best crossing I've seen this year. Get him into a decent position, and fire in any type of cross, and he's going to not only hit the target, but he's going to do so at pace. He hits those crosses so quickly and so accurate that the opposition defense have no chance to react. He should have racked up 4-5 more assists, but Rivaldo hit the post a bunch of times off Marcelo's crosses. This is why I loved using him a LCM in the 433(4) -- the moment he got wide, his crossing was a good option, whether we has 40 yards out or on the goal line.

  • Shooting: Makes great runs in behind, and when he gets there, he has more than enough finishing to bury it. The ridiculously high shot power really helps in this regard -- even if he doesn't hit the corners of the goal, it's still more than likely going to force a desperate save, or just cannon into the net. His long shots were decent -- he hit the target all the time, and hit the woodwork twice. His finesse shots were really good -- two of his five goals came from timed finesse shots from outside the box.

  • Skill Moves: Five-star skill moves. It doesn't get better than that. Combined with his pace, dribbling and strength, he can get past anyone. It allows him to get past right backs before whipping in killer crosses, it lets him get past opposing midfielders or defenders. He's so much fun to use. He executes skills perfectly, and enters and exits them with pace. Unreal.

  • Weak Foot: Four-star weak foot that feels pretty much like a five-star. Honestly, his crosses from his right were as good as the ones on his left, and all but the longer passes came off perfectly. The only time you could feel that it wasn't a five-star weak foot was when it came to his shooting.

  • Stamina: 99 Stamina. He can bring it all game long.


  • Size of the boost: This is his only con, and it is a strange one, but it's something that has been bothering me. Of all the TOTY items, Marcelo has received the smallest boost -- he receives a boost of 11 fewer face stats than the closest item. And compared to the "lower-rated" TOTY items, his boost is significantly lower -- here is my summary of the boosts the TOTY items have received. In short, I'm not sure if Marcelo's boosts are truly "TOTY-quality". Of course, if you ignore the actual numbers, and go by how he plays in-game, it's a different story. But it's just something to keep in mind -- he's not as lightyears ahead of his competition stat-wise.


I loved this special player item. At LB, he's unmatched -- he's far better than the competitors (SIF Sandro, RTTF Telles, Jordi Alba). Move him to CM, and he'll tear it up for you (he may actually be my favorite CM this year, ahead of even Gerrard). He can really do it all. He's so quick, perfect on the ball, incredible defensively, a wonderful passer, an absolute tank, and has the five-star skills and four-star weak foot.

But for me, it boils down to this. If you are going to pick up this item, and use it as a leftback, he's not worth it. As a pure leftback, all the competitors I mentioned above will do the job. They may not stop everything Marcelo will stop, or generate all the chances he does, but they will do 90% as well for a fraction of the cost. The way this game is, as long as your left back is pacey, strong, has decent defensive stats and can fire in a mean cross, they'll do the business - it's not a position where you should be dropping over a million coins (unless you have the coins to spare).

However, if you are going to use him like I did, as a central midfielder (or even as a LW/LM -- I switched him to LW for a little bit and he killed it), he's absolutely worth it. For less than half the price of TOTY Kante, you are getting an item that (even on 6 chem) is not as great defensively, but comparable offensively, and definitely more fun to use. I sold him on with the intention of re-buying this weekend, and once I get him again, he's not going anywhere. This man is a midfield juggernaut who will not be bettered until TOTS, and possibly beyond.


Overall Rating: 10/10 - I loved this item. I loved him at LB, I loved him at CM -- honestly, I'd probably just about love him at striker.

Value for Coins: 7/10 as a LB, 10/10 as a CM.

Over the coming week, I'll be trying to review as many of the TOTY players as possible. If you have any questions/thoughts/feedback, or suggestions for who I should review next (both during TOTY and after this promo ends), tweet me at @Wookiechew23, or drop a comment below!

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