97 TOTY Kylian Mbappe FIFA 19 Player Review

It's been a while, Futhead. I hope y'all had an awesome holiday season, and a great start to your New Year!

We kick off 2019 with a TOTY review, and we're starting with Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe's meteoric rise from promising youngster to global superstar has been reflected in his FUT items over the years, and he hits his peak this year with a sensational 97-rated TOTY item.

In-Game Stats:

As expected for a TOTY item, Mbappe has game-breaking IG stats:

Without any chemistry style boosts, he's got the following ratings per position:

There's not much to boost, but I've always found Mbappe's items to be a little on the weak side, so I slapped a Marksman Chemistry style on him to fix any lingering issues:

As you can see, he's already pretty much perfect.


I played Mbappe as a ST (in 41212(2) and 4231), RF (in 4321) and RW (in 433(4)). Here are my stats with him:

Price: 3,750,000 (sold on for 3,945,000)

Games: 12

Goals: 19

Assists: 6

Games are all in Div 3 Rivals (with the exception of the last game, which was in Div 2, since Mbappe got me promoted!).

Let's get into his pros and cons:


  • Pace: 99 Acceleration, 99 Sprint Speed, and he feels just like that in game. Mindblowingly fast. The fastest player you will use this year, without a shadow of a doubt. He hits top speed virtually instantly, and at top speed, he's uncatchable.

  • Shooting: The best finisher I've used this year. 99 Finishing (without the chem style) and 98 Shot Power (with a Marksman) means he'll finish absolutely everything. Any shot, any angle, anywhere inside the box - he's probably going to score. His regular and timed finesse shots are godly, and he can hit that top corner every single time. He's also lethal with the long shots outside of the box -- I was pinging them in left, right and center from anywhere within 30 yards.

  • Positioning: I need to dedicate one of these to his positioning. Always makes those runs in behind, always is the first one onto the rebound. A sensational attacking asset that is never out of position.

  • Agility & Balance: He feels absolutely glorious to use in game. He turns instantly. He stops instantly. He rarely goes down, he rarely loses his balance in the tackle. Absolutely sensational. The agility is so good that you can basically weave in and out of defenders without ever breaking a sweat. He genuinely glides across the pitch -- it doesn't feel like he's touching the ground.

  • Ball Control & Dribbling: So we know he turns well, and feels agile and light on the ball. But how is his actual dribbling? Sensational. It's truly magnificent. Perfect first touch, and when he runs, the ball is wonderfully controlled. Never puts a foot wrong in this department. It's something really special.

  • Passing: Didn't misplace any easy passes, and actually pulled off the vast majority of crosses, long balls, and through balls that I tried to do. He was sensational at RF and RW, and I could see him tearing it up as a CAM.

  • Strength: WOW. His Strength stat is a 93 with the Marksman, and it shows in game. He's an absolute tank in the game -- combined with his high sprint speed, he actually bulldozes opponents. There are so many times when he just runs into defenders, knocks them over, and keeps going.

  • Skill Moves: Five-star skills, with 99 Pace and virtually perfect dribbling and agility -- it doesn't get any better than this. He's unreal to skill with. He executes skill moves faster than you can blink, and he never, ever loses the ball when tackled mid-skill (thanks to his high strength).

  • Weak Foot: Consistently feels like a four-star weak foot (the shots and passes from his left are slightly worse), but there are times when you'd almost think it was a five-star. He can score with his left without any difficulty, and you only really notice it when you take long range finesse or power shots. Otherwise, it's indistinguishable. He's equally deadly on both feet.

  • Aerial Ability: Surprised to see this? So was I. But 99 Jumping on a 5'10 player, combined with 99 Finishing and 99 Heading Accuracy means he's going to be a threat. He's especially good at those far post crosses (he'll nod them in all day), though he's still very capable at scoring most headers. He even out-jumped that 87 VVD a couple of times.

  • Stamina: Perfection. Everything I talked about above, he can do all game long. You can't ask for more.


  • Aggression: There is only one con with this item, and it's not even a big problem. At times, Mbappe will get muscled off the ball. He's going to win a lot of 50-50s, but he'll still lose out at unfortunate times due to his 77 Aggression (82 with a Marksman). That being said, he's going to steamroll virtually every fullback, and a lot of center backs. And as for the ones that he can't beat, he can just out run them.


This is the perfect item. It is the ultimate attacker for your ultimate team -- I can't imagine how a item can be better (which makes me even more terrified of facing those TOTY Messi or TOTY Ronaldo items). I loved every minute I used him. He does feel genuinely broken -- this item exploits every mechanic in this game. He's faster than anything you've ever seen, he can shoot as well as the best of them, he ludicrously good on the ball, he's unbelievably strong and physically capable, he's a wonderful passer, and he has the hugely desirable five-star skills. Hell, he even has a four-star weak foot. I sold him on just because I think he'll be 3-3.5 million by the end of TOTY, but once I get him back, he's never going anywhere. This is, IMO, one of the best and most enjoyable items in the game.

But is he worth it? For his price, you can get any NIF non-Icon item in the game. For his price, you can get Prime R10 or Prime Cruyff or 90 Gullit or 89/91 Eusebio. But for me, he outperforms a lot of those items. Mbappe is good at everything -- there are no weaknesses to this item. He's über expensive, but he's also a one-man team who will singlehandedly take your game up a level. That being said, I struggle to see how any 3,500,000+ coin player is truly "worth it".


Overall Rating: 10/10 - Pretty much the perfect player.

Value for Coins: 9/10 - 4 million coins is a very high price to pay for any player, but if you are going to spend that much, spend it on Mbappe.

Over the coming week, I'll be trying to review as many of the TOTY players as possible. If you have any questions/thoughts/feedback, or suggestions for who I should review next (both during TOTY and after this promo ends), tweet me at @Wookiechew23, or drop a comment below!

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