FUT 19 TOTW 9: SIF Reus, 90 Cavani, 84 Robertson

The second FIFA 19 Team of the Week of November looks to be about what we expected. There's some star power, sure; but it's mostly players who previously had other special items already.

Memphis Depay, he of the purple Eredivisie SBC Player Pick unlockable card, gets an 85 ST. Marcos Reus, who already had an in-form and also was September's Bundesliga Player of the Month, gets his SIF, an 87 CAM. Like Depay, the item would be nice to have, but also isn't quite up to the previous stats-wise.

90 Edinson Cavani and 84 Andrew Robertson, now the clear standout at LB in the notoriously left-back-weak-in-FUT Premier League, are probably two of the more enticing red-and-gold untradeable in-forms you'll be hoping to pull if you played this past weekend's Weekend League. Though if we're being honest -- and we're amongst friends, so why not -- you'd almost certainly take a red Depay or Reus if you haven't already done those SBCs too.

Here's the full FUT 19 TOTW 9:

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