FUT 19 TOTW 4: 88 IF Mbappe, 84 CAM Hulk

The kind of Team of the Week we've been waiting for all FIFA 19 feels like it just may in fact be here.

A relatively strong side makes it way into TOTW 4 -- and just before the unpredictability of an international break powered side at that.

The banner players were at least somewhat predictable: Arsenal's Alexander Lacazette gets a much needed (albeit modest) Pace boost and checks in with a still fairly tasty 86 overall striker in-form.

Kylian Mbappe, he of four goals in 13 minutes this past Sunday is christened appropriately with an 88 RM IF. The only let down is it's not a central item.

But finally, the one that a lot of long-time FUT players will likely be excited about, the return of an in-form Hulk. And not just any IF, but a CAM one. Be still my beating heart. Even the Chinese Super League affiliation won't save this one from being probably overpriced.

The pack party starts at 6 p.m. UK. You can check out the full FIFA 19 Team of the Week 4 here:

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