What are FUT Swap Deals? FIFA 18's promo returns in 19

FUT Swap Deals are back.

if you weren't a huge fan of FIFA 18 or had checked out by the point they were released, the premise is easier than it might seem on paper:
--Play FIFA 19
--Complete Daily (and sometimes Weekly) Objectives related to FUT Swap Deals
--Complete FUT Swap Deals themed Squad Building Challenges

You then take the player items (essentially tokens; they're untradeable players) you earn in the objectives and SBCs and turn them into packs or players by redeeming them in FUT Swap Deals specific SBCs. There'll be 14 FUT Swap Player limited-time only items available that by month's end if you earn you can redeem for any number of players or packs. And to be clear, the tokens are month specific -- you can't save them from one month to the next.

Included in the potential player prizes for October are:
--84 ST Paco Alcacer (3 FUT Swap items required)
--86 CAM Adam Lallana (12 FUT Swap items required)
--86 LW Stephan El Shaarawy (12 FUT Swap items required)
--84 RW Adnan Januzaj (3 FUT Swap items required)

The following packs are also available as redeemable rewards:
-- Premium Silver Pack (Tradeable) [1 FUT Swap items required]
-- Prime Mixed Players Pack (Tradeable) [4 FUT Swap items required]
-- Premium Gold Players Pack (Tradeable) [6 FUT Swap items required]
-- Mega Pack (Tradeable) [8 FUT Swap items required]
-- Prime Gold Players Packs (Tradeable) [10 FUT Swap items required]

You can check out all the Squad Building Challenges requirements in Futhead's SBC section.

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