86 POTM Lucas FIFA 19 Player Review

Today, we're looking at the POTM Lucas, who was dropped a week and a half ago. His SBC is very affordable for a POTM card, and as our FUT Economist points out, costs just 35-40K before packs.

You can check out POTM Lucas' SBC requirements (as well as the Loan version's) in Futhead's Squad Building Challenges section.

This review is going to be slightly different -- Lucas usually doesn't appear in my starting XI, but he's my most important sub. He comes on in the last 20-30 minutes of the game, usually at striker, but he's also made appearances at CAM and CM.

In-Game Stats

Lucas has some fantastic in-game stats:

The highlights are definitely his 96 Acceleration, 91 Sprint Speed, 87 Positioning, 88 Shot Power, 83 Long Shots, 80 Finishing, 98 Agility, 94 Balance and 91 Dribbling.

As a sub, Lucas get a very minimal Chemistry boost. I stuck the Marksman Chemistry style on him, just to direct those small boosts to the most important stats.

Here are my stats with Lucas. Keep in mind that he only plays 20-30 minutes each game (at most), so the stats should be scaled accordingly.


Games: 20

Goals: 12

Assists: 3

As you can see, he's an incredibly effective super sub (at least stat-wise).


  • Pace: Feels like 99 Pace in-game. I've not had a single person catch up to him when he really gets going, and that's saying something in FUT 19. As a super sub, he'll tear through tired opposition defenses, and wreak havoc. He hits top speed virtually instantly, which is so much fun in game.

  • Shooting: Fantastic. He makes great runs, both in behind and out wide. His long shots are outstanding -- he's scored a couple for me from positions where he had no right to shoot. His finesse shots are decent, both inside and outside the box. Finally, his finishing and shot power are great, and he can blast in goals past the keeper once you give him the opportunity. His clincality is just what you need in a super sub.

  • Dribbling: On par with Mbappe as a dribbler for me, but a tier below the elites like Messi. Genuinely incredible in game though. He stops and turns so quickly, the skill moves are executed in a flash, and he never loses the ball while dribbling. First touch is perfect, and the flicks he pulls off are so clean.

  • Skill Moves: The four-star skills are so important this year, and coupled with his pace and dribbling, they are fantastic. He's only of my favorite players to skill with.

  • Passing: Very good. The crosses from the right are accurate, the short passing is consistent, and his long passes and through balls find their targets most of the time.


  • Strength: Not as weak as you may think (due to his 70+ Aggression), but he's still not holding his own against anyone besides weak wingers and full backs. It also limits his effectiveness in 50/50 challenges.

  • Weak Foot: I don't like three-star weak foots on most players, and it's no difference with Lucas. His left foot is only really good in and around the six yard box (and even then he misses at times). It also means that if you find yourself on the left, you have no choice but to cut in - the cross isn't an option.

  • Stamina: Not an issue if he's a super sub, but an issue if he's a a starter. I had to sub him on very early in a game once, and he was dead after being on the pitch for 60 minutes.


He's a stunningly effective super sub -- bring him on late in the game, and his phenomenal pace, shooting and dribbling will terrorize defenses surely create a handful of chances. He's my secret weapon, and is single-handedly responsible for turning around some crucial games. Considering he will cost you less than 35K after packs (even with garbage pack luck), he's well worth the investment.


Overall Rating: 9/10 (as a super sub), 8.5/10 (as a starter for me)

Value for Coins: 10/10

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