FUT 19 TOTW 3: 93 Neymar, CAM 86 Reus

We were holding out hope for a Central Neymar in-form, but this is a pretty decent alternative.

FIFA 19's Team of the Week 3 continues the trend of the first two: there's about one or two pretty impressive items, a mid-tier group of potential investments and maybe some hidden gems, and then a lot of mostly forgettable ones targeting fans of that player and/or their clubs and about them alone. We've still yet to get one must-have loaded TOTW, but the game is of course very young.

93 LF (sad emoji) Neymar is the banner player, naturally. 86 CAM Marco Reus looks like he could be a terror in the middle with the right Chemistry item. And of course the 84 update to OTW Felipe Anderson probably made those who invested in him pretty happy this morning (assuming they didn't overlist and weren't undercut.)

We're eager to hear who you most want to take out for a spin. Here's the full FUT 19 TOTW 3:

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