Full FIFA 19 Trophies, Achievements List

The full FIFA 19 Achivements list on Xbox Live became visible Wednesday, a sign we're that much closer to the game's September 28 global release. The PlayStation 4 Trophies are pretty much always 1:1 equivalents, so you can expect these to be reflected in your game if you're one of the millions of PS4 FIFA players.

As probably expected, there's not a ton wildly different with these from FIFA 18 as they often reward a lot of the same aspects of game play, mostly with newcomers in mind. The recently returned Champions and Europa League licenses are present, however. For the FIFA Ultimate Team enthusiasts large in numbers amongst us, some 250+ GP are at stake merely for doing the kind of playing you're sure to do almost either way.

While not exactly spoilers, we can see a couple aspects from the third (and final) chapter of The Journey reflected in these achievements/trophies. As expected we'll be competing in the UEFA Champions League as well as next summer's FIFA Women's World Cup (with Alex's sister Kim Hunter). Perhaps most interestingly, one seems to indicate you'll be playing football on a basketball pitch.

Let us know in the comment below if any of these FIFA 19 trophies/achievements in particular catch your eye. And preemptive big ups to the grinders amongst us who knock out all of these when the game comes out.

The HistorianScore a left foot volley against Coventry City in The Journey15
Hoop DreamScore on the basketball hoop at Venice in The Journey15
Anything You Can DoSuccessfully complete a mentor challenge in The Journey15
There Can Be Only OneWin the UEFA Champions League in The Journey90
Game ChangerWin the FIFA Women's World Cup™ in The Journey30
DeceiverScore a goal by tricking the keeper with a Fake Shot.15
Skill Games FrenzyComplete all Multiplayer Skill Games30
PerfectionistWin a penalty shoot-out without missing15
Quick LearnerComplete 3 Recommended Skill Games15
What a Shot!During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)15
Timed to PerfectionScore a goal after Timing your Shot Perfectly15
You Can't Break Me DownWin a Game using every Defensive Style30
Tactics MasterWin a Game using every Offensive Style30
Skill Games ChampionComplete all HUB Skill Games30
Skill Games LegendGet A grade across all Skill Games80
Football MindedScore 3 headers in a Headers & Volleys Game15
So It BeginsWin a game in FIFA Ultimate Team Squad Battles15
EnthusiastPlay 20 games in any game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team15
From Rags to RichesComplete a Weekly Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team15
Climbing the LadderAchieve Division 4 in FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals80
First of ManyComplete a Daily Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team15
Getting the Hang of ItAchieve Gold 3 Rank in Ultimate Team Squad Battles15
Astute TacticianCreate your own custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team15
Making a Name For YourselfAchieve your first qualification for FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League30
TeambuildingComplete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team15
Easy PeasyComplete your first placement match in FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals15
Just Getting StartedComplete all the placement matches in FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals15
Remember the NameAchieve a Rank 3 or better in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals15
ChampionWin a cup final15
Survival of the FittestWin a 'Survival' mode match15
No Holding Me BackWin a 'No Rules' match15
LoyaltyPlay a KO match with your supported club15
Decision MakerUnlock all traits in one skill-tree path15
RookieComplete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match15
Cultivating SkillsSpend a skill point in Pro Clubs15
Aim for the StarsQualify for the UEFA Champions League last 1615
Playing in the Big LeagueWin a UEFA Champions League Group Match15
The ChampionsWin the UEFA Champions League Final90
Made the HeadlinesWin the UEFA Europa League Final30
Playing the GamePlay a women's football match15
Show of SkillScore a goal with a Flair Shot in a women's football match15
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