FIFA 19's last The Journey takes Alex Hunter to Real Madrid

The last ever "The Journey", at least as we've grown accustomed to it in FIFA 17 and 18, looks set to take you as the protagonist to Real Madrid.

In a promo video released by EA Monday (and teased by EA's social media account portrarying the story-game mode's focal point the day before), Alex Hunter is greeted and welcomed to the three-time reigning UEFA Champions League champs by actual Madrid players. If you wan't your life imitating your hobby, the official Madrid team store also immediately began selling replica shirts of Hunter's No. 29 in their slick new red third jerseys, also unveiled officially on 6 August.

Details are scant on this year's edition otherwise at this time. We know the new Champions League license will feature prominently. And we all know that this will be the final year you play in the mode as Hunter. It's conceivable a future version could more resemble NBA 2K's "MyStory", where you create a character from scratch and navigate them through a story mode.

Last year's Journey featured cameos by the likes of Thomas Müller, Dele Alli, and Antoine Griezmann, all official ambassadors of FIFA 18. With this year's game's revealed to be Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne, Juventus' Paulo Dybala, and PSG's Neymar, it'll be interesting to see how or if they factor into Hunter's arc.

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