Prime Del Piero, Rui Costa, Overmars 1st FIFA 18 Throwback Thursday SBCs

FIFA 18's first Throwback Thursday may be a week later than some would've hoped, but the hype is real none the less.

A staggering three maximum rated versions of legendary players of the past come to FIFA Ultimate Team 18 in the form of Alessandro Del Piero, Rui Costa, and Marc Overmars. These best versions of these player items they'll get all FIFA 18 will make for staggering upgrades to your squad -- but they of course won't come cheap.

The Prime Icons are now available in both packs and three intense Squad Building Challenges. Both the SBCs and versions in packs will remain as such for the remainder of FIFA 18. Loan versions of each will be available for just the next week.

The catches would appear to be that the SBC version is untradeable where as the packable version is and the SBCs require any Icon to complete, not merely the specific lesser rated versions of that player.

Throwback Thursday's already had a massive impact on things as the "Baby" (e.g. lowest rated) and ordinary version of the Icons are now flying off the transfer market. We'll have to see how things normalize over the weeks to come.

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