Hashtag United announces signings of Agge Rosenmeier, Ryan Pessoa

After the departure of Tassal 'Hashtag Tass' Rushan last week, Spencer Owen's Hashtag United were seemingly at a competitive disadvantage in the FIFA esports scene. However, on Tuesday, the club sured that up announcing the signings of former Paris Saint-Germain man August 'Agge' Rosenmeier and Ryan Pessoa in moves that should put them right back in contention with the elites.

The first of the two signings should be a familiar name if you've paid attention to the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championships. Rosenmeier was heavily featured in the Paris Regional final as one of the favorites to win from the Xbox One division. He didn't, but came back for Season 2 in Madrid on the PS4 console to only just miss out on the Knockout Stages again.

Before FUT Champions, Agge had already built up an impressive resume. He was a two-time winner of the FIFA Interactive World Cup and a six-time Danish champion. Since, he's made regular appearances at more recent FIWC and other major competitions.

Hashtag's other signing, Ryan Pessoa, is a bit of a lesser known quantity to casuals, but an accomplished player in his own right. Pessoa somewhat slipped under everyone's radar the last few months of FUT Champions qualifying due to the hype surrounding the regional finals and grand final.

He finished third in May among all European FIFA players and racked up 149 wins, two very impressive feats. Throughout the FIFA 17 cycle, Pessoa also consistently posted top 50 finishes in FUT Champions, with three finishes in Europe's top ten rankings.

Agge and Ryan will join Hashtag's existing esports roster of Harry Hesketh, and Ivan 'BorasLegend' Lapanje as the club set out to make a splash in the FIFA 18 esports cycle with some more marquee tournament wins.

Disclosure: Futhead is an official sleeve sponsor of Hashtag United.

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