84 IF Joshua Kimmich FIFA 18 Player Review

Today, we'll be looking at my favorite RB in FUT 18 -- the IF Joshua Kimmich.

The young German has big shoes to fill, following the retirement of Philipp Lahm. He picked up this card in the first TOTW of FUT 18, and it is hopefully the first of many this season.

In-Game Stats

I know what you most of you are thinking -- how can you possibly have a RB with 74 pace? In my opinion, his pace is not a problem. What makes Kimmich so good in-game are his incredible defensive and technical stats.

He has some great in-game stats, such as his 93 crossing, 90 short passing, 87 agility, 87 balance, 87 reactions and 87 ball control, 84 interceptions, 82 marking, 83 standing tackle, 84 sliding tackle, 92 stamina 85 jumping and 80 aggression.

I used Kimmich with the Shadow chemistry style, which boosts his pace up to 86 and his defending up to 96.

What is even more impressive is his in-game rating. With this chemistry boost, he is a 92-rated CB, RB, LB, LWB and RWB.


I use Kimmich in the following squad:


Here are my stats with Kimmich:

Now let's get into the review.


Pace: 8/10

Is he blisteringly fast? No. But he's by no means slow. Thanks to his great agility and balance, and the shadow chemistry style, he definitely feels like he has 85+ pace, and at times, he can feel like he's hitting that 90 mark. The pace is more than good enough to stop any attacker who is trying to get past him, and his pace is enough to get into space, just be bursting past a marker, before whipping the ball into the box.

Shooting: 7/10

His long shots are suprsingly decent, and usually force a save (and often a corner). None of his goals have come from long shots though -- he's great at darting behind the defensive line, and finding himself in the opposition's box. From here, he can easily drill one home, or force a great save from the keeper. He's a modern fullback, and more than capable of scoring when he's in scoring positions

Passing: 10/10

The best crosser I have ever used, in any FIFA. Even better that the EoaE Lahm I had last year. Every cross is deadly, regardless of who the defense is made up of. He will tear your backline apart, if you give him the space to do so. He's an excellent corner taker, and makes scoring from them easy. His short and long passing is as good as it gets, and he could comfortably play in the midfield. I usually say that the players I'm not reviewing aren't on the level of Xavi or Pirlo, but this man really, really is.

Dribbling: 9/10

Silky smooth on the ball. I had no issues with his dribbling or ball control -- the first touch is perfect, the ball is perfectly controlled as he runs, and he had absolutely no issue weaving past opponents. The agility and balance were especially impressive, as he could stop and start with ease, and it was virtually impossible for attackers to wriggle past him. He can change direction as well as the best of them, making him a worthy opponent on the wing.

Defending: 10/10

Defensively, one of the best players I've used this year (probably second only to Boateng). Perfect interceptions and marking more than make up for his lack of pace. He's always in the right place at the right time, breaking down dangers long before the attackers have even realized what to do. He cuts out more passes than any other player in my side, crushing attacks before they have even begun. The tackling is superb as well - he rarely gives away a foul, and almost always comes away with the ball. Just get close to the opponent, press the button, and walk away with the ball.

I should emphasize that his superb defending is main the reason his pace is a non-issue. He's a very, very clever player. He reads the game like no one else, and he's in the places that no one else covers. As a result, he's never too far from danger, and then he's fast enough to shut it down.

Physical: 9/10

He's quite capable in the air, despite his height, so you never need to worry about far post crosses. He's strong enough to hold off most attackers, and his high aggression means he goes into 50-50 challenges with a very good chance of winning them. His stamina is great, and he can run all game long, so you don't have to worry about him tiring and giving your opponents more opportunities.


Kimmich has everything you need in a full back in FUT 18. His pace might be the biggest reason for not pulling the trigger on him, but in my experience, it's not an issue. He's fast enough to deal with everything that is thrown at him. I love using this card, and as he piles on the IFs this year, I will continue to upgrade and use his cards.

For his price, you are getting one the best defenders around. Give him a shot, and I'm sure he won't disappoint.

If you have any suggestions on what players you want reviewed, or if you have any questions about the ones I have already reviewed, feel free to comment below, or send me a tweet (@Wookiechew23)!

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