5 cheap beasts for the 1st FIFA 18 Weekend League

Whether you’re looking for a new player to plug into your squad to improve your Squad Battles finish or you’re staring at the the first FUT Champions Weekend League as it looms closer, cheaper is always better, right?

Finding those cheap beasts to plug into your squad to get an instant upgrade without spending all of your coins can be half of the fun of FUT. This year, there are cheap beasts across all of the primary leagues to squeeze into even the most complicated of hybrid squads.

Here are five of my favorite cheap beasts this year:

Marco Parolo (CM, Lazio)

The box to box center midfielder from Lazio has been my favorite inexpensive Calcio A midfielder since launch day. His shot power (87) and long shots (86) are unbelievable for an 81 rated player and his 88 stamina will keep him going from box to box all game long without any issues.

He’s got the ability to make long passes through to attacking players and his item is extremely well rounded defensive with standing tackle, interceptions and slide tackling all 80-rated or above. Parolo has a four-star weak foot and three-star skills, to boot.

I snagged him for around 1,500 coins after a minute or so of sniping a week ago, but he goes for around 3,000 coins on Xbox One and around 4,000 coins on PS4 at the moment.

Roque Mesa (CDM, Swansea)

I was fairly shocked to see Mesa’s face stats on his card when I first saw him this year. They’re extremely sound for an 82-rated CDM, especially one in the premier league with a strong nation. When I saw that he was practically going for discard at launch, I picked him up and slid him into my starter squad to see what he was all about.

He’s got above average pace (77) for a CDM and 92 aggression paired with 92 stamina to make him a pest in the center of the pitch for opposing attackers. His passing is sound and he’s fine at advancing the pay after winning the ball back, but Mesa does have a few flaws to be aware of if you’re considering him for the Weekend League or Squad Battles.

He’s only 5’7 and his heading accuracy is just 32, so winning balls in the air is almost out of the question. Still, he’s an extremely affordable option for anyone who needs an aggressive tackler in their side for less than 2,000 coins.

Mesa currently goes for around 1,000 coins on both consoles.

Joe Hart (GK, West Ham)

While we’re on the topic of Premier League players, let’s talk about goalkeepers. Perhaps the most taboo position for players since launch, finding the right goalkeeper has been a frustrating task for many players.

If you’re like most players and unable to afford a game-changing keeper like David De Gea or Manuel Neuer, height may be your best attribute to bet on this year. Taller goalkeepers with sound reaction and diving stats have been successful options for me in FIFA 18.

Joe Hart fits the bill in the Premier League. While he may not be the Jack Butland of FIFA 17 in FIFA 18, Hart’s 6’5 frame with 83 diving and 83 reactions will serve as an upgrade in net over other cheaper goalkeepers. Hart goes for around 3,000 coins on both consoles at the moment, but he’ll surely rise as we creep closer to the first Weekend League.

Ruben Semedo (CB, Villarreal)

Another non-rare card, Semedo is the cheapest player on this list. Pace is the most sought after stat on center backs for players this year with manual defending serving as a challenge for many early on.

Semedo’s 72 pace, which is boosted to 79 with an anchor card, make him a sound defender for your La Liga back line. He’s 6’2 and has 85 jumping so winning balls in the air is a cinch for the Portuguese CB. His defense, with the anchor card, has 85-plus stats including 88 standing tackle and he has a three-star weak foot that you can rely on.

Semedo goes for under 1,000 coins on both consoles and can even be sniped for discard if you’re patient enough.

Jean Michael Seri (CM, OGC Nice)

Ligue 1 is a fantastic place to look for cheap beasts early in the game. In my opinion, it’s the best bang for your buck for starter squads, but it’s not as deep of a player pool as you’ll find in the other primary leagues.

Still, there are plenty of over-powered players to build around. For me, Jean Michael Seri is where to start. With 80 pace and proficient passing statistics, Seri is able to play up and down the pitch. He can defend, dribble, and pass with the best center midfielders in Ligue 1, but you may want to hold off on shooting with Seri unless you put a finisher or deadeye chem style on him.

His high-high workrates and four-star weak foot make him a joy to play with in the middle of the park. He goes for around 3,000 coins on Xbox One and around 4,000 coins on PS4.

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