77 Mauricio Lemos FIFA 18 player review

In need of a cheap La Liga Santander center back? Look no further than Las Palmas defender Mauricio Lemos. The 77-rated gold center back took a rating decrease from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, but it could actually work in our favor. Lemos dropped from a rare 80-overall centerback to his now non-rare form. This drop has made his perceived value decrease, and thus his price, giving you all of the more reason to consider trying him out.


At first glance, Lemos' main stats do not scream anything special. His pace is average at best at 70; his dribbling is high for a defender at 7;, and his shooting and passing remain in the mid to high 50s. His defending, however (78) and physical (74), are intriguing for his price point.

In the interest of keeping things with cost in mind, I opted not to use a chemistry style:


I used Lemos in a variety of teams and formations, eventually landing on the simple and popular 4-4-2. Due to this strong right foot, I played him at right center back.

My squad with Lemos:


I used Lemos for 23 matches. Here were his stats for those games:

Price: 350

Games: 23

Goals: 5

Assists: 1

Now the review itself:


Pace: 6/10

Compared to other non-rare center backs, Lemos' pace is merely adequate. He is not the fastest player in the world, but he mostly gets the job done. When playing against the likes of Sadio Mane and Antoine Griezmann, he can get burned easily. But can he win in a foot race against an Oliver Giroud type? You bet he can.

Dribbling: 3/10

His card does say he has 70 dribbling but I have yet to progress meaningfully out of the center back position. Dribbling in your own defensive third extensively can be a death sentence in FIFA and should probably be avoided. Lemos can control a pass and is able to take a few touches before passing. That is honestly usually all you need out of your center backs.

Shooting: 6/10

Despite his shooting only being 54, Lemos has surprisingly impressive power. I'm prone to take the occasional long shot from him if he's up on a set piece, which more times than note results in a corner kick. On corner kicks though is where he shines. If you play a ball to Lemos near post, he's got a good chance to head it in. Every goal he has scored for me has been off of a corner kick.

Passing: 6/10

His passing is what it is. He has never botched a simple pass but his vision is only a 44 and his crossing is 50. He makes up his passing by having 61 long passing, which feels even higher than that. His ability to send wingers into the corner might even be a bit under appreciated if we're being honest.

Defending: 9/10

Lemos' defensive ability for his price point however is near second to none. He clobbers any opponent dribbling his way, he wins every aerial duel, and stops attackers in their tracks. His big frame covers a ton of ground and he is able to stop counter attacks before fruition. Despite average ratings, he really shines when the pressure is on.

Physical: 8/10

For what Lemos lacks in pace, he makes up for in brute size and strength. There has been many times when he has oddly flipped a player after a tackle. Every other game it seems as if he has injured a player on the opposing team. It was rare to see a player out dribble him because he'll throw his body on the attacker and shake them off.


It may seem a bit of a surprise, but I honestly recommend you buy this item if you're hard for coins. He is cheap and very effective in game. On the outside, he may look like another cheap non-rare Gold center back. But once you start to use him, you might even be thrown for quite a ride. Even after upgrading my La Liga side with higher rated rare golds, he remains in the mix for a starting spot.

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