What is Squad Battles? FIFA 18 brings competitive to single player

Not all of us -- heck, many of us -- have the flexibility during our weekends to get in 40 matches of FIFA Ultimate Team, much less competitive FUT.

Say hello to Squad Battles.

A more relaxed way to take on all comers and try to stake your claim as the best at something in FIFA Ultimate Team brings all the best of competitive FIFA to the single player mode.

By taking on a rotating list of squads -- some influenced by YouTubers, EA staff, community members, and actual footballers -- each week, you're able to compete for prizes that while not quite as lucrative as those FUT Champions has to offer, are still plenty enticing for grinding a dozen and change (exact amount still pending) number of matches.

All the expected rewards at launch and a general overview of how to go about getting started in the newest game mode in FUT can be found in the video up above.

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